The Eindhoven City Guide

Eindhoven is the fifth biggest city in the Netherlands. Although only home to a quarter of a million people, the city is the art and design capital of the country. Filled with quirky street art, pretty parks and peaceful river walks.

We recently visited the city for the autumn/winter glow festival: here
Getting to Eindhoven . . .

Getting to Eindhoven is simple and straightforward. You are able to fly directly from London and with a flight time of only 45 minutes you will be in the country in no time at all. Most budget airlines fly to the city so it will not be to expensive to get a fight, however if you are flying from London you can only get direct flights from London Stansted. You are however able to get flights from London Stansted a couple of times a day to suite your preference.

Airport to city centre . . .

The airport in Eindhoven is located just outside the city so you will need to find a way into the centre. Although the airport is located on the outskirts you are able to get into the centre in approximately 20 minutes.  Here's how:

  • Bus - The bus station at the airport is located just outside of the airport. If you follow the signs to where the bus stop is located you will come out at the stop. Here you can get the 401 or 400 number bus which takes you directly into the city centre, with the last stop being the train station. Before getting on the bus you are able to purchase your ticket from the machine at the stop. This saves time and makes sure you are ready to hop straight on the bus. Don't worry if you don't know how to use the machine, somewhere will be there to help you.

  • Taxi - You will find a taxi outside of the airport on the right hand side in the taxi lane. Here you will find your booked taxi or you can just arrange your taxi in person to take you to the city centre. From the airport to the central train station you will be looking to pay 25 euros.

  • Car rental - Within the airport you will find five car rental companies which offer car hire for the city. You can either pre-book your car hire or approach a desk upon arrival for car hire. We would recommend to pre-book though as you may get a better deal and are more likely to get the car you wish to hire.
What to do in Eindhoven . . .

The Blob - This is the domed architecture building located within the centre of the city. Home to a shopping mall, the building is not known for what it is but for its breath-taking design. The building is created out of glass and steel. 25 meters in height this building is the masterpiece of Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas.  Whether you want to visit for a shopping trip or not the building is definitely worth a visit . . . you will be amazed by the size!

Flying Pins - The flying pins is a roadside art installation, which represents a bowling ball with ten flying pins (hence the name). With a highest point of 8.5 meters the art sculpture is hard to miss. Built in 2000, the unusual art project is between two main roads on the edge of the city. This is a must see if you are either a art lover or just want to see the true Eindhoven.

Van Abbemuseum - Being the art and design capital of the Netherlands of course you will find a modern and contemporary art museum. If you are visiting the city for its art and design then this is the museum for you. You can purchase your tickets either on the day or in advance online.
You will find lots of artwork around the city - you may even be lucky enough to see it being created!
Parks - If you are someone who likes to see a little of the nature in the place which you are visiting then you need to visit some of the beautiful parks that Eindhoven has to offer. You will find lots of parks around the edge of the city centre and even be able to see some nature along the river. We visited the 'Wandelbos Eckart' park.
Have you ever been to Eindhoven? What would you recommend to see?

Love Chloe and Megan

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