Glow Festival, Eindhoven Netherlands

LOCATION: Eindhoven, netherlands

If you are looking for a cosy winter get away, filled with pretty lights, cosy winter hats and open fires then Eindhoven Glow Festival is the winter festival for you!

The Eindhoven Glow Festival is an art and light festival which takes place every autumn for a week.

If you are a Christmas Lover then you will love this!!

Lots of lights; yummy food; open fires and all the cosy Christmas feels . . .
When and where is the festival . . .

The festival is on every autumn/winter for one week. Prior to this week local and overseas artists and designers come together to design and create light and art projects which incorporate technologies for sounds and special effects. This can vary from light projections to timed light effects with sounds.

As you can see from our photos, the festival is designed and orientated around a variety of buildings and sights. This is because the festival is a walking festival which requires you to walk a 5K walk to see all of the attractions. Along your sign posted walk you will see lots of amazing light designs, created with sounds and timed effects or shows.

From 18.30 - 23.00 you are about to walk the route and experience all the lights and art work that the festival has to offer!
Remember to wrap up warm, with hats and scarfs!
Be ready for your 2018 Glow Festival: 10th-17th November!
Is this a festival you would love to go to? We would love more suggestions for winter festivals.

Love Chloe and Megan

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