London At Christmas

Christmas is nearly here!

And what better way to celebrate the season and get in the holiday spirit than to take a trip to London and feel festive!

Whether you want to go shopping for presents; see the prettiest decorations; eat Christmassy food; ice skate around a Christmas tree or even go on some theme park rides and win giant prizes . . . London has what you are looking for.

Our post will show you where to head for the most Christmassy shops and cafes and where to have the most Christmas fun this 2017!
Peggy Porschen

If you are a lover of pink then this is the shop/café for you. The little cake shop decorates their interior and exterior multiple times throughout the year to fit the season or holiday. Although always pink the decorations will vary for the time of year to fit with the holiday and the pink colour. Additionally the decorations also change every year - which means that if you visit Peggy this Christmas you will also have to visit next Christmas to see the 2018 Christmas decorations.

With indoor and outdoor seating (even during the winter) it is the perfect spot in Victoria for an afternoon cake and of course Christmassy picture. If seated outside you will be given a blanket to keep warm and an umbrella if raining. You can alternately take your photos and take your cakes away if the queue is too big.
The Ivy Chelsea Garden

If you are looking for the most astonishing and breath-taking display of Christmas decorations then the Ivy is a must visit! Filled with every colour decoration you could imagine the exterior will blow you away. The display covers every surface of the exterior to give London that much needed colour during the Christmas period!

Whether you are heading out for food or just to have a look at the amazing display it is definitely worth the trip to Chelsea.  

The most colourful display in London!
Natural History Museum Ice Rink

Now for a bit of fun . . .

Is there anything more fun than ice skating around a Christmas tree? During Christmas time The Natural History Museum in Knightsbridge put a giant ice rink outside the museum. With time slots available you are able to get in the Christmas spirit with some festive fun. The rink also has a giant Christmas tree in the centre just to make it even more festive.

Be prepared for an audience though, as the rink is an attraction that those not wishing to skate love to watch!

The Christmas tree outside of Harrods this year has been designed as part of their partnership with Dolce and Gabbana. The gigantic tree, filled with different coloured lights is designed alongside Harrods festive windows to give shoppers a glimpse into a traditional Italian Christmas. Alongside the tree you will find 14 scene windows demonstrating diner making and present giving.

This Knightsbridge location is full of festive shoppers.
Covent Garden

If you are looking for the biggest real tree, then Covent Garden has what you are looking for! This massive tree is outside of the indoor shopping boutique area, located on the courtyard. Decorated with the tradition red colour, it is the perfect tree to get you feeling festive.

Covent Garden itself is always somewhere with lots going on and lots to see and do . . .

During Christmas time you will find lots of Christmas decorations, Christmas music, food and general cheer!
Winter Wonderland

Looking for food, lights, fun, decorations and something to do for everyone?

Winter wonderland has it all! Whether you are visiting with friend, children, partners or other family members everyone will find something to do. From food to rides to breath-taking lights. Filled with everything you could possibly want to get you in the Christmas spirit, winter wonderland is your must visit over the holidays! Day or night, you will have the best time!

The attraction in Hyde Park is just off the main Christmas street - Oxford Street.
Have you visited London at Christmas time? We would love to hear your recommendations for the best sights to see and places to eat!

Love Chloe and Megan

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