Prague's Most Instagramable Locations

In the last few years instagram has grown so much and become one of the most popular social medias. With this comes the pressure to have an amazing feed whether it be full with travel photos; food photos or daily life. Everyone is desperate to make their travel photos stand out and make you just a little bit wanderlust.

On our recent trip to Prague we faced the same struggles of finding some great places to take our photos. We had done a little bit of research before our visit but there just wasn't much information out there for what we where looking for. So our logical thought was to make this guide for you so you don't have to face the same struggles and we hope you enjoy all of the locations that we found. 

Charles Bridge
This has to be the most famous part of Prague. The Charles Bridge is located right in the centre of Prague and stretches across the width of the river and is flooded with tourists all year round. 
There are multiple locations along the bridge where you will be able to get a great picture opportunity. We found that if you wish to have your photo taken at the side where theres a gap people will patiently wait or walk around you. The centre of the bridge is also a popular photo spot and we where lucky enough to get have this moment where the crowds where a little thinner. 

Top tip: Visit as early as possible to avoid the crowds and guided tours.

Vstup na vez 
Panoramic observation deck (Charles bridge tower)
Before visiting Prague we had seen pictures of people just like this and we where desperate to find this spot. This has to be the most beautiful view of the bridge and it was like a hidden gem it was so quiet. At the top it is very open and windy so be sure to wrap up warm. 

This is the opposite end to the old town bridge tower and there is a little archway door as you come to the end of the bridge, very easily missed. It costs 100 Czech and make sure you' re wearing comfortable shoes as there are a lot of steep stairs to climb inside before reaching the top.

Prague streets
We don't have an exact location but as we explored this beautiful city we came across so many streets full of colourful buildings and pretty architecture. Above if just one of the ones we found and fell in love with. This is a totally personal preference of where you choose to pose and one of the great parts about exploring somewhere new. 

Pernikovy Panacek
Gingerbread shop
 Whilst exploring we came across the cutest gingerbread shop we have ever seen. The whole outside was baby pink and inside there was a selection of every gingerbread you can think of. We've added this to our favourite Instagram spots as the walls outside where the perfect background to get that quick snap of your purchase before eating it. 

Charles Bridge viewpoint 
To get them snaps of the bridge that are a little bit different why not try heading to the Charles bridge viewpoint. We found this location while looking on our phone map and it was such a great view of the bridge. There where a few people about but nothing like the crowds on the bridge. 
We where able to get all the shots we wanted really easily and if you have any spare bread you can also feed the swans while your there. 

Castle view point & Government building
Want a view over the whole city? Look no further than the castle view point where you can see everything including the Charles bridge. To reach the top you have to climb quite a few stairs so make sure your prepared with comfortable shoes and a drink. 
At the top as well as enjoying the views you can have your photo taken in front of the government building which is quite impressive also. 

We hope this guide has been helpful and we look forward to seeing all of your beautiful photos. 
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Love Chloe and Megan

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