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Location: Prague, Czech Republic 
We recently took our first city break and first adventure of 2018!

With little time available for a trip we took a short city break to the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. Less than a 2 hour flight from London, the city is perfect for an adventure filled break. 

Prague is a perfect city for those seeking beautiful cityscapes, mouth-watering foods and unique landmarks. This inexpensive city is a perfect place to visit if you have little time but lots of wanderlust. Whether you are looking to stay for a short city break or even a little longer, the city is bursting with lots to see, do and explore. With easy transport, friendly locals and affordable prices, Prague is very easy to see in a short amount of time. 

Prague is nicknamed 'the city of a hundred spires' due to its famous Old Town Square which is the heart of the historic city. Filled with colourful buildings, stunning churches, astonishing historical landmarks such as Charles bridge and the astronomical clock, Prague is home to history and culture. 

Come and explore with us . . . 
How to get to Prague . . . 

Flying from London to Prague is super easy and quick. With a flight time of only 1 hour 40, you will be in a new country in no time. 

With 97 flights a week from London airports, using 6 different airlines you will be able to find flights to suite your dates and times needed. All you need to decide is when you can go and how long you can stay for!

Flight prices vary depending on the day you are flying and which times you wish to fly. If you are able to be more flexible about days and times then you may be able to get a better deal. Prices can range from £15 each way to over £100 each way. 

London: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Southend airports each have flights to and from Prague daily. However Luton airport do not currently have flights on Thursdays to Prague and London City airport do not currently have flights on Saturdays. Although with each London airport having regular flights to the city it doesn't matter which airport you will be flying from.

Getting to the city . . .

Bus: If you are using public transport then the bus is the easiest and most straight-forward option. When you walk out of the terminal building you will need to cross the road where you will see lots of bus stops.

However be aware that only the airport express bus goes to the centre of the city and the other buses are only for the local areas.

You will find the airport express bus all the way at the end on the right, it is the bus stop on its own. Tickets for the bus can be brought from the driver for 60 Czech each for a single journey. This journey will take approximately 30 minutes where it will drop you in the centre of the city at the train station. This is the only stop for the bus.

Train: Unfortunately there is not a train or metro located at the airport. However if you are using the airport express bus to get to the centre then you can hop on the metro to get closer to your destination. The airport express bus has only the one stop in the centre of the city at the train/metro station.

Car rental: You are able to rent a car direct from the airport upon arrival. The airport offers rentals from all large car rental companies - including, Avis car rental, Hertz, Sixt and Europcar. These rental offices can be found at parking C where you are able to either pick up your car you have already booked or book a car for your visit. However bare in mind that if you have not pre-booked  car then you will most likely have to pay a higher price for rental.

Taxi: Prague airport no longer have taxi bays outside the airport. However you can still get a taxi into the centre but you will need to book it at a taxi desk inside the airport. This will make sure that you book a taxi from a reliable company with either a fixed cost or an accurate and trusting meter service.

You will find taxi stands at terminal 1 exit D and terminal 2 exit E. The journey into the centre will take approximately 45 minutes depending on traffic and cost around 600-700 Czech.

What sights should you see?

Being quite an old city, Prague has lots of historical buildings, alongside lots of new sights to see. Whether you are visiting with friends, alone or with a partner you will be sure to find something perfect to see and do.

Dancing house: This is the unique curved building we have photographed at the top of the post. The building stands out from the rest due to it being the only different building which is located next to the river besides the usual historical buildings of the city. The building, which was constructed in 1996 was inspired by 'Fred and Ginger' who are a legendary dance duo, this is where the dancing house name originated from. The top floor or the building is the only part open to the public as a restaurant. 

John Lennon wall: The John Lennon wall is a wall within the centre of the city which has been filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and the Beatles lyrics. This wall was originally a normal wall until 1980, when it started to be filled with bright coloured graffiti in honour of the singer. The wall has previously been painted over to cover the graffiti, however will always again be covered with more graffiti. Now days the wall remains full of graffiti.

Charles Bridge: This may be the most famous and most well known sight within the city. The bridge was constructed by the 15th century to cross the river and join the city. 500 meters long, the bridge is a popular with tourists, locals and buskers. The bridge has been a pedestrian only bridge since the end of world war two. Along the bridge you will come across the famous figure St John of Nepomuk, which is located within the middle of the bridge. This monument has a bronze plaque on it which is said to be lucky if rubbed and will ensure your return to Prague one day.

Viewing spot for Charles Bridge: Although walking along the bridge itself is spectacular, the bridge can look even more amazing from a distance. On the west side of the river off of 'Cihelna' road you will find yourself next to the water surrounded by swans with the best view of the bridge.

Lesser Town Bridge Tower: At both ends of Charles Bridge you will notice towers. Both these towers are open to the public for amazing views of the bridge. We went up the Lesser Town Tower which is on the west side of the river (the castle side). For 100 Czech we was able to climb the 43.5 meter tower to the top, where you come out to 360 degree views of the city. Although the views at the top are rewarding, the climb can be daunting and the stairs rather steep. However each floor you climb will bring you closer to that view.

Tip: If you are climbing to the top of either Charles Bridge tower during the winter, wrap up warm. If you think it is cold on the street it is even colder higher up.

Prague Castle: For more amazing views of Prague the castle is perfect. Located upon a hill, make sure you are prepared for a climb. At the top of the hill you will be welcomed by views across the orange rooftops of Prague and the historical castle at the top. The grounds of the castle are free to explore from 6am-11pm and sights and tours are available. The castle is in the Guinness world records as the biggest castle in the world, with a total area bigger the 7 football pitches.

Astronomical clock: The astronomical clock, which is located within the Old Town Square is a famous sight within the city. Made up of a variety of representations the clock has an hourly display/show. This is on the hour, every hour. However from spring 2017 till summer 2018 the clock is under renovations.

Places to eat . . .

Pernikovy Panacek: If you are a lover of gingerbread then you must visit Prague. Prague is home to the gingerbread museum as well as lots of gingerbread shops and cafes. This little shop that we visited is on the way to the river side where you see the view of Charles bridge alongside the swans. The shop is home to the most amazing gingerbread in every shape you can imagine. This is the gingerbread pictured below.

Bakery Krusta: Looking for some lunch? Bakery Krusta is the little café located next to Charles Bridge on the west side. Here you can get the traditional Trdelnik. Whether you want a savour one filled with mozzarella and tomato or a sweet one filled with ice cream. You will find lots of little shops and cafes in the main areas selling Trdelnik.

Prague is home to lots of amazing food places, we would love to hear your recommendations below!

Where to stay . . .

Due to not great transport from the airport to the centre we would advise staying only in the immediate centre of the city.

Although Prague has a total of 10 districts when choosing the area of your hotel we would recommend 'Stare Mesto, Mala Strana, Josefov, Nove Mesto'. This is the centre of the city where you will find all the main sights and attractions. Due to the size of the district all the attractions are within walking distance.

This area is also where you can get the airport express bus to (the central station).

We would recommend looking for accommodation on and

Have you ever been to Prague? Do you have any other recommendations? 

Love Chloe and Megan

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