What to Pack for a City Break

City breaks have to be one of the most fun, yet tiring things to do! Of course you get to see the best snapshot of a country and do lots of fun things, but due to it being a shorter break than a holiday it can be more tiring. There is no time to relax when there is so much to see and do on your adventure. We find city breaks perfect to explore a new city/country when we don't have too much time available. Also by not being there as long you have to make sure that you do all of the best and most fun things during the time you have. This little break is the perfect thing for those who have plenty of wanderlust but not so much time!

To keep things simple and give you as much time as possible to explore your city break we have come up with the ultimate packing guide to ensure you have the best time with everything you could possibly need . . . 
Toiletries - If you are only visiting a place for a couple of days then you may not have much luggage. This means that you may only be able to take toiletries which fit in your hand luggage. This means only a certain amount and only 100ml biggest. You will have to make sure you pick up travel minis and prioritise what liquid make up is most important. However if you do have too many items remember that you can always pick up toiletries away but may not be able to pick up favourite make up.
Guide book - If this is your first time visiting the destination then chances are you don't know your way around yet. Also being on a city break means you won't have lots of time to learn your way round. A guide book is perfect with its little map and suggestions of sights to see and things to do. Whether you are getting a guide book full of everything or just a map which points out the main attractions, it will be perfect to assist you with your adventure. Additionally if you are visiting a large city you can plan your city break on the map already. If every sight is spread then you want to plan a route where you see everything without going back on yourself. 

Journal - This isn't something that everyone will take or want to take. We take a journal away with us so we can write about our day of adventures. Although a photograph does capture a lot and remind you of many things a journal would be filled with your travel thoughts and feelings. We would write this everyday to ensure we don't forget anything that we have done. Then in the future you can look back and be reminded of the great day you had. 
Comfy shoes - If you are going on a city break, or to a city at all you will need comfy shoes. Chances are if you are not their long you will still want to see everything, even if it means walking lots more in one day than you would normally. Big cities also often seem to have their sights spread around. This means lots of walking and being on your feet for a while. If you don't have comfy shoes to do this then you will have sore tired feet fast! Additionally because it is a city break chances are you won't have much luggage and may not be able to fit another pair of shoes in. This means the one pair you take will be the shoes you wear for the entire trip.  

Camera - This may be the most important item to pack. Although travel memories are great, you can't always remember everything! With a camera on you at all times you will be able to capture all the amazing sights and memories. Of course we take a camera as well to share our travel photos on posts. When visiting new places you may tend to forget where you have seen certain sights and landmarks. By having so many photos it is easy to look back and remember where everything is. If you don't have a camera to pack you can always use your phone. We like to take a normal camera, a go-pro for any close up shots or water shots and a phone for updating our instagram story while away.  

Chargers - If you are taking cameras or laptops or phones away then chances are you will need to charge them. If you take lots of photos like us you will want to have chargers on you so you can always make sure that you can take all the photos you wish. 
Clothes - This is of course an obvious essential when you are going away. But if you are going on a city break for only a few days what do you bring and how much do you bring? We decide this by constantly checking the weather a week before we go. This way you will see what the weather has been like and have a rough idea of what it will be like. If you are still unsure try and pack a little of everything. For example make sure you have a jacket, but also have a lighter top in case the weather gets nice. Pack an extra pair of socks and underwear as well. By covering every scenario you will be prepared for anything!

We would love to know what else you make sure to pack for a city break! 

Love Chloe and Megan

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