How To 'Live Like A Local' When You Travel

Travelling is great! You get to see amazing areas of the world; experience new cultures; eat mouthwatering food; try unforgettable experiences and make some amazing memories along the way. Our trips usually tend to fall into two categories, either we go on real touristy trips where we want to see and do everything OR relaxing trips where food and tanning are musts!

However when visiting a destination to have the best time and the best experiences 'living like a local' is the best way to go . . .
Ask people you know . . .

Now is the time to let everyone know where you are visiting.

Do you know anyone who has been before? What are there recommendations?

You want to find that friend who has been to your destination before and has all the advice for must see spots. If they are super organised and have a diary or photos from there trip, get your hands on them! You want to know what's worth seeing/doing and what is not. You want recommendations for where to eat, how to get around and what times are best to go. If your recommendations and advice are from someone you know then [hopefully] they are going to give it to you straight.

Your hoping for tips that make you look like a local.  Recommendations that get you doing as a local would. This could work both ways, if it is a great destination then maybe your friend will return, you can then share your tips and recommendations.
Be an instagram stalker . . .

Once you have found out everything you can from everyone you know it is time to turn instagram stalker. This works well if you are visiting a big city or a popular destination where every blogger has been. However if it is a smaller destination don't worry someone on instagram would have been. If you have a few favourite travel instagrams try having a scroll through there feed, have they been in the past? Find that one photo from the destination and see what other photos have also been posted. What hashtags have been used. Is there an actual local who posts lots of photos and tips? Good places to eat, visit and the best local hotspots?
Buy a guide book . . .

Buying the relevant guide book for the destination is great to get to know the top tourist attractions and must see sights. If you are lucky you may even pick up a guide which has local hotspots. You want a guide book to find the best sights and get around as if you are a local. We find smaller guide books perfect to carry around at all times just in case we get lost. After all if you want to truly live like a local then you have no real sights to see.

Treat a day like your a local with a day off, wander with no destination, have lunch in a small café, read a book at the park . . .

Just remember to not let the locals see your guide book!
Go for a wander . . .

If all else fails just go for a wander. The best local spots are where you least expect to find them. The areas where there is no real sight to see and everyone around you is going about there normal day.

When in New York we visited the friends building in the West Village. Although this is a sight to see it is not overly known of or popular. It is surrounded by apartment blocks and little cafes and bars. This part of the city is a lot less built up and easy to get lost in. We was able to wander like a local and find possibly one of the best lunches we had that week.

The best way to 'live like a local' when your away is to get lost in the moment . . .

We would love to know your top tips when away? Do you like to live like a local or be a tourist?

Love Chloe and Megan

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Where To Go On A Romantic City Break

Valentines day is the national day of loving and giving! Well if you have a partner . . . but if you don't, still keep reading because our romantic city break ideas are not only for taking someone away, but for meeting someone away too!

Of course with valentines day only a few days away it may be a little late to book a trip for the day, but it is not too late to give one as a present . . . here's our recommendations for a romantic city break gift . . .

Monaco: Looking for a small and cosy country, with pretty buildings and lots to do? Then Monaco is the place for you. The tiny county is sat on one big hill which looks over their stunning harbour and out to sea. Here you can see some of the most expensive cars in the world and gamble with the rich and famous.

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Barcelona: Looking for some winter sunshine? Then Barcelona's location of beach and city is perfect for a bit of everything. Although sunny, during the winter it may be a bit cooler. But don't let this stop you Barcelona's pretty beach is perfect for a stroll even when you can't sunbathe. Being a city as well as a beachy location, Barcelona has lots of sights to see and things to do. The city can be perfect for a relaxing break or even an adventure trip where you see and do lots. Spanish food is also known for being romantic with tasty desserts and sangrias.

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Amsterdam: With pretty canals; amazing food; parks to ride bikes and the home of the tulip, Amsterdam is the perfect romantic city break. With lots to do and see, the pretty city is great if you want somewhere fun and exciting. Also with rivers and bridges everywhere you turn it is also the perfect place for a relaxing break. Why not go for a river cruise, have a romantic meal or go for a bike ride in the park? The city is perfect for everyone no matter what you are visiting for.

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New York: This is a larger city break idea. With the flight being a long haul flight and taking you 7-8 hours to get to the city. However if you are pulling out all the stops then New York has it all. Anything you could wish to do, you will find in New York. A relaxing break could see you going for a horse and carriage ride in the park; dinner at a nice restaurant or for drinks at the top of the Rockafeller. Then if you are feeling adventurous you could climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty; go and see the friends building or walk the length of Brooklyn bridge to explore Brooklyn. New York has the hotel you want; the food you want and the sights you want to see . . .

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Budapest: If you are looking for a romantic break with a bit of culture then Budapest is a great city to visit. The city is full of lots of breath-taking sights to see and places to visit. Whether you are seeking pretty historical buildings or want to spend some relaxing time together, Budapest has it all. The city is perfect for the adventurous type, with lots of pretty buildings and areas to explore. Then for the relaxing type you have the thermal baths. Here you can relax all day and get a feel for the history of Budapest.

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Rome: Italy is known as the country of love. Well of course, who doesn't love Italian food? Of course Venice is a well known romantic city with canals. However as we have not been yet, we would recommend Rome. Being the capital of Italy, Rome is full of delicious restaurants; stunning sights to see and Italian fashion to shop. Whether you want a trip filled with food or sight seeing, Rome has it all. The pretty city is not only perfect for your romantic break but also for the best memories. Within Rome you will find famous landmarks such as the colosseum and the trevi fountain. You will even be able to throw your coin in trevi fountain and make your wish . . .

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What are your favourite romantic places to visit?

Love Chloe and Megan

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How Much Currency Do You Need | Guide & Tips

Living in the UK means that most short haul flight countries use the Euro. Although the Euro exchange rate at the moment is not too good it is still easy to work out how much to exchange for a trip. This is due to many countries using the currency and if you have already used it you know roughly what it is like and how far your money goes. However if you are visiting a new country which use their own currency how do you know how much to exchange, how much you will need and how much things will cost? For any trip you will need to take into consideration how much food you will be buying; whether you need to pay for transfers and transport; if you have already paid for accommodation and whether the price includes city tax; any gifts you would like to buy and finally what attractions and sights you plan to go and see/do.

Once you have thought about everything you will need money for you can work out how much you need and go and buy your currency . . .

When to buy currency . . .

You always hear those rumours about when the best time to buy flights is and how to get the best deal. But no one ever mentions when the best time to buy currency is. Of course currency does not go up and down as much as flights and it is not a set time period before which you should buy your currency. If doesn't matter if you buy it months before or the day before. But a variety of things can affect the rate you get. For instance when the UK declared Brexit the price of the dollar fell, meaning you would not get as much for your money.

To avoid getting bad rates for your currency we would recommend keeping an eye on it. If you have a trip booked then check the currency when you book, and then keep checking it until you go. If you notice that one day the rate is really good then purchase some currency, you'll be glad in the long run.

How much currency do you buy . . .

This is something that will vary for every person and every destination. What one person spends during a trip can be different to what someone else spends. Therefore to find out how much currency is right for you, all you need to understand is how much you normally spend on things.

Before your trip if you book a hotel then you would have one less thing to worry about. However keep some currency aside for city tax. Next transfers and transport, you can find this out before you go and have an idea of how much you will be spending to get around. Then food, you know roughly what food you like and how much you normally spend when at home. All you would need to do is transfer this into the currency you need. Of course if you can find somewhere where it says the average cost of food in that destination then that would be even better. For attractions and sights, chances are if you want to see/do then then you have already looked them up and know how much they are going to cost. By adding everything up which you have worked out then you will find out how much currency you will need. Then add a little extra for gifts and emergencies.

What if you don't have enough . . .

If you have gone to the effort of working out how much currency you will need for your trip then chances are you will not have the issue of not having enough. However if this does happen don't worry! You can normally use your bank card, however before travelling it is always recommended to let your bank know. so they don't block your card due to unusual activity. Although some banks do charge for using abroad this charge is not high and will be worth it if you have run out of currency.

We would love to know your currency tips. Do you have any recommendations?

Love Chloe and Megan

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