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Living in the UK means that most short haul flight countries use the Euro. Although the Euro exchange rate at the moment is not too good it is still easy to work out how much to exchange for a trip. This is due to many countries using the currency and if you have already used it you know roughly what it is like and how far your money goes. However if you are visiting a new country which use their own currency how do you know how much to exchange, how much you will need and how much things will cost? For any trip you will need to take into consideration how much food you will be buying; whether you need to pay for transfers and transport; if you have already paid for accommodation and whether the price includes city tax; any gifts you would like to buy and finally what attractions and sights you plan to go and see/do.

Once you have thought about everything you will need money for you can work out how much you need and go and buy your currency . . .

When to buy currency . . .

You always hear those rumours about when the best time to buy flights is and how to get the best deal. But no one ever mentions when the best time to buy currency is. Of course currency does not go up and down as much as flights and it is not a set time period before which you should buy your currency. If doesn't matter if you buy it months before or the day before. But a variety of things can affect the rate you get. For instance when the UK declared Brexit the price of the dollar fell, meaning you would not get as much for your money.

To avoid getting bad rates for your currency we would recommend keeping an eye on it. If you have a trip booked then check the currency when you book, and then keep checking it until you go. If you notice that one day the rate is really good then purchase some currency, you'll be glad in the long run.

How much currency do you buy . . .

This is something that will vary for every person and every destination. What one person spends during a trip can be different to what someone else spends. Therefore to find out how much currency is right for you, all you need to understand is how much you normally spend on things.

Before your trip if you book a hotel then you would have one less thing to worry about. However keep some currency aside for city tax. Next transfers and transport, you can find this out before you go and have an idea of how much you will be spending to get around. Then food, you know roughly what food you like and how much you normally spend when at home. All you would need to do is transfer this into the currency you need. Of course if you can find somewhere where it says the average cost of food in that destination then that would be even better. For attractions and sights, chances are if you want to see/do then then you have already looked them up and know how much they are going to cost. By adding everything up which you have worked out then you will find out how much currency you will need. Then add a little extra for gifts and emergencies.

What if you don't have enough . . .

If you have gone to the effort of working out how much currency you will need for your trip then chances are you will not have the issue of not having enough. However if this does happen don't worry! You can normally use your bank card, however before travelling it is always recommended to let your bank know. so they don't block your card due to unusual activity. Although some banks do charge for using abroad this charge is not high and will be worth it if you have run out of currency.

We would love to know your currency tips. Do you have any recommendations?

Love Chloe and Megan

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