How To 'Live Like A Local' When You Travel

Travelling is great! You get to see amazing areas of the world; experience new cultures; eat mouthwatering food; try unforgettable experiences and make some amazing memories along the way. Our trips usually tend to fall into two categories, either we go on real touristy trips where we want to see and do everything OR relaxing trips where food and tanning are musts!

However when visiting a destination to have the best time and the best experiences 'living like a local' is the best way to go . . .
Ask people you know . . .

Now is the time to let everyone know where you are visiting.

Do you know anyone who has been before? What are there recommendations?

You want to find that friend who has been to your destination before and has all the advice for must see spots. If they are super organised and have a diary or photos from there trip, get your hands on them! You want to know what's worth seeing/doing and what is not. You want recommendations for where to eat, how to get around and what times are best to go. If your recommendations and advice are from someone you know then [hopefully] they are going to give it to you straight.

Your hoping for tips that make you look like a local.  Recommendations that get you doing as a local would. This could work both ways, if it is a great destination then maybe your friend will return, you can then share your tips and recommendations.
Be an instagram stalker . . .

Once you have found out everything you can from everyone you know it is time to turn instagram stalker. This works well if you are visiting a big city or a popular destination where every blogger has been. However if it is a smaller destination don't worry someone on instagram would have been. If you have a few favourite travel instagrams try having a scroll through there feed, have they been in the past? Find that one photo from the destination and see what other photos have also been posted. What hashtags have been used. Is there an actual local who posts lots of photos and tips? Good places to eat, visit and the best local hotspots?
Buy a guide book . . .

Buying the relevant guide book for the destination is great to get to know the top tourist attractions and must see sights. If you are lucky you may even pick up a guide which has local hotspots. You want a guide book to find the best sights and get around as if you are a local. We find smaller guide books perfect to carry around at all times just in case we get lost. After all if you want to truly live like a local then you have no real sights to see.

Treat a day like your a local with a day off, wander with no destination, have lunch in a small café, read a book at the park . . .

Just remember to not let the locals see your guide book!
Go for a wander . . .

If all else fails just go for a wander. The best local spots are where you least expect to find them. The areas where there is no real sight to see and everyone around you is going about there normal day.

When in New York we visited the friends building in the West Village. Although this is a sight to see it is not overly known of or popular. It is surrounded by apartment blocks and little cafes and bars. This part of the city is a lot less built up and easy to get lost in. We was able to wander like a local and find possibly one of the best lunches we had that week.

The best way to 'live like a local' when your away is to get lost in the moment . . .

We would love to know your top tips when away? Do you like to live like a local or be a tourist?

Love Chloe and Megan

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