10 Reasons We Want To Return To Australia

While planning and thinking about our upcoming trips of 2018, it got us thinking of previous destinations we have visited and where we would like to return to . . . 

Australia is a country which is on a lot of peoples bucket lists; with amazing weather, stunning landscapes, and experiences like no other!

We have been lucky enough to visit Australia before (a few years ago) however with so many people currently visiting the country it has got us dreaming of our next trip! Our last visit was to Perth which is in West Australia. Although with lots to see and do, this is a city which is not visited by a lot of people who travel to the country. With Perth being the only big city on the West coast, the East coast can seem more appealing with more cities and places to visit. 

Therefore our bucket list for a return trip to Australia has become quite extensive. Come and see what we got up to on our last trip . . . 
Perth . . .

Perth is the fourth most populated city, located in Western Australia. With miles of beaches, a large city with lots going on and amazing weather it is perfect for any adventure seeker. This is the perfect Australian city for you if you are looking for a city which is located away from other cities, therefore allowing you more of an authentic experience which is not so commercialised.

If you are visiting Perth then we have some recommendations for you . . .

- Penguin Island
This is exactly what it sounds like  . . . an island with penguins on it!

The island is located just 45 minutes south of Perth and then a 5 minute ferry ride across. With a ferry every hour between 9am and 3pm. Upon the island you will be met by the worlds smallest penguins. When on the island you are free to wander and explore, have your own picnic, and swim and snorkel at your leisure. On the island you will find toilet facilities and the penguin centre where you can watch daily feeds.

However around the island you will find penguins on the beach, in the grass areas, and under rocks. If it is really hot they may however be hidden.

- Fremantle
Fremantle is a part of Perth city, located in the south west. This historical part of the city is on the coast with a gorgeous harbour. Here you will find lots of history, stunning beaches, and little cafes and restaurants to eat at. From here you can go on fishing boats out to sea. 

- Caversham wildlife park
If you are looking for the ultimate Australian experience and want to see all the animals of Australia then this is the wildlife park for you! Of course wouldn't it be great if you could see every animal in its natural environment? And maybe you will. But if not then you need to head to this wildlife park. Located on the outskirts of the city in Whiteman park, you will find the wildlife park which is full of animals from koalas to kangaroos to wombats and crocodiles.

The park lets you walk around with some of the animals, kangaroos being one! Feed the animals and have new experiences like no other!
Therefore due to already having amazing experiences and memories in Australia we now have even more expectations and experiences on our bucket list . . . 

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge 
This is up there with some of the most famous bridges in the world. Located in the harbour alongside the opera house, the bridge joins the central business district with the North shore. However this is not only a bridge which is stunning to look at, it is also an experience because you are able to climb the bridge. This straight away made it to our bucket list, due to it being such a different and exciting experience. 

2. Great barrier reef
The great barrier reef is the largest living thing on earth. Made of thousands of reefs and corals the coral reef is home to a large variety of fish, turtles, and other mammals. You are able to see the reef by either diving, snorkelling, glass bottom boat or evening flying across. However due to climate change the reef is gradually being bleached and the amazing colours are disappearing. With 93% of the reef already devastated by climate change, this is something at the top of our bucket list!

3. Bondi beach
This is one of Australia's most iconic and well known beaches.

With a white sand beach, an ocean pool and local cafes and pubs; the area is perfect for all tourists. Whether you are visiting to relax, learn to surf or even take a pretty coastal walk then the beach is for you. The beach made t to our bucket list due to its stunning landscape and the idea of relaxation and adventure at the same place.
4. Kangaroo island
Having visited penguin island before and experienced how amazing it was to see the animals in their natural environment, kangaroo island was a must for our bucket list. Kangaroo island is either a 45 minute ferry ride or a 30 minute flight from Adelaide. The island is a natural nature reserve which is home to kangaroos, koalas and other animals. On the island you will find a range of hotels where you can stay and experience the island. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience the real Australia.

5. Great ocean road
This is the 243 kilometre stretch of road along the coast from Torquay to Allansford. Known as one of Australia's most scenic roads, the 9 and a half hour drive (if done in one drive) is perfect to see some amazing sights and experience the real Australia. Along the way you are able to stop at iconic locations, have surf breaks and have amazing experiences.
6. Alice springs
This is the remote town located in the Northern Territory. Located roughly in the centre of Australia, the town is home to the Red Centre desert region. The area is known for its stunning landscape, and amazing Australian experiences. Whether you want to explore by foot, by diving into hidden waterholes or even taking a hot air balloon to see the views.

7. Luna park
Luna park is an amusement park, located in both Sydney and Melbourne. Both the amusement parks are filled with rides, attractions and food. The parks do however have different opening times with Sydney opening during the day, but not every day and Melbourne opening only in the evening but not every evening. The parks look perfect if you want a bit of fun during your trip.

8. Tasmania
Tasmania is the island located off the south coast of Australia. The island is home to a number of nature reserves and national parks. On the island you will find towns, museums, and other touristy attractions. However if you are visiting to experience the real Australia then the national parks offer nature experiences like no other. You are able to get to Tasmania by sea in 9-11 hours or by air from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in 1-3 hours depending where you are travelling from.
9. Gold coast
The gold coast is a well known city for its sandy beaches and surfing spots. The city made it onto our bucket list due to its spectacular beaches, city full of lots to see and do and the idea of a relaxing destination which is also filled with adventures and experiences.

10. Twelve apostles
The twelve apostles are probably the most iconic and visited site along the great ocean road. The apostles are rock formations in the sea, you are able to view 7 of the apostles from viewing platforms and boardwalks around the cliffs. If you visit at sunset not only will you be welcomed with stunning views but you may even see the little penguins returning to shore for the night.  
We would love to hear any other recommendations you have for visiting Australia?

Love Chloe and Megan

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