15 Countries | Where in Europe to Visit this Summer

With a total of 47 countries, Europe although a small continent in size, is a big continent in numbers. Every country is unique and different; from breathtaking canals in the Netherlands to pretty orange roofed buildings in Czech Republic. Whether you love an adventure trip or a relaxing beachy trip you will find it in Europe. 

Every country has different foods, sights to see and destinations to explore! With so many countries to choose from we are forever indecisive about which country to visit next; therefore hopefully our guide will help you out when you are deciding this summer . . . 

The countries are in no particular order, they each have something amazing worth visiting for, read on to see . . . 

1. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country, however it has a lot to offer for its tourists. Amsterdam, its capital city is a popular destination for a lot of English people. Well, for a start it is only a 30 minute flight from London airports, meaning you can get there in no time at all. The city also has lots to offer, with regards to fun sights to see, yummy food to eat and quirky places to explore and experience. 

Having visited at the end of the summer previously, and experienced amazing weather we can definitely recommend the city as a great city to visit in the summer.

Additionally we have also visited Eindhoven in the Netherlands, although it was cold and wintery during this trip we would definitely recommend visiting during warmer weather. The city is the art capital of the Netherlands, with endless museums and art galleries to explore at your leisure.

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2. France  

If you are reading this from the UK then you will already know that France is one of our closest countries to visit. Which means flight times are rather short ... and in no time you are in paradise! France is a large country with lots of different and unique destinations to visit. Whether you are looking for an exciting city, a cute little town or a picture perfect beach location, France has it all! 

Having previously visited three different locations in France we can happily say that France is a great country to visit. Paris, the capital city is a perfect summer city break location and Nice - which we visited last summer - is a great beachy destination. 

As you can see from the photo below, Nice is a really stunning place to visit. With clear blue seas, amazing french food and lots to see and do it is the ultimate break regardless of what you are looking for. Whether you want to relax or explore, Nice can offer both! 

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3. Germany

Germany is a large country with a lot of well known destinations which tourists visit. Each destination is also completely different and unique. Having visited two cities, we still have a lot of places on our bucket list to tick off. Currently we have visited Berlin and Cologne, and each city has been very different in great ways. Berlin is well known, due to it being the capital and due to all of its history and sights to see. Cologne is however not as well known, and it should be. For a start Cologne has a Lindt chocolate factory!! 

Although both trips were not in the summer, we would definitely return in the summer to explore in the warm weather ... we have heard that Germany gets pretty hot! 

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4. Croatia 

Croatia is such a beautiful country, yet is still to be visited by so many! Unlike other popular countries in Europe such as Spain and France, Croatia is not overly popular! The coastal country which is located between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia is home to pretty scenery and destinations. Upon our trip we visited the coastal area of Pula which is Northern Croatia. 

When we return in the future we would love to visit Dubrovnik, which looks stunning! Send us recommendations for where to stay, eat and visit . . . 

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5. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country which is visited by a lot of tourists, with its capital city Prague being a popular destination. Although often visited during the winter as a christmas or snowy trip the city is meant to be beautiful during the summer warm weather. With such pretty buildings and amazing food the city is great to visit all year round. 

You can even find the best Instagram locations on our posts! From amazing food to pretty buildings.

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6. Hungary

This land locked country may not be high up on your list of summer destinations within Europe . . . however it is a great summer destination. Within Budapest you can relax, explore and see some amazing sights. Whether you are visiting for only a few days or longer you will be sure to find lots to do and see. 

If you are looking for a relaxing trip you can head to any of the historic baths, for a day of relaxing, and sunbathing in the many different hot and cold pools. We would even recommend getting a massage! 

Or if you want to explore and see the sights then you will have plenty to choose from on both sides of the river! 

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7. Ireland

This may be one of the quickest summer destinations to get to from the UK, especially if you live in the west of the country! Ireland is such a pretty green country, however it is also well known for its Guinness. 

Whether you love Guinness or not Dublin is a must visit location! The city has lots to see and do . . . 

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8. Italy

Everyone has Italy on there bucket list . . . with gorgeous architecture, amazing food and beautiful weather! 

Having visited Rome and Milan, Italy is definitely a country we love. Both trips involved visiting some beautiful sights, eating some great food and having the best time! With both the trips being in the summer we was able to eat lots of ice cream and explore in the sun.  

Italy is a country which is always on our bucket list, we want to explore more of Italy in the future so please send us all the recommendations! 

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9. Vatican city 

Vatican city is the smallest country in the world! 

Although yes this is in Italy, Vatican City is its own country. However it does not have its own airport, therefore you will have to visit the little country when you visit Rome. The country has lots of religious buildings and sights to see! 

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10. Luxembourg 

Luxembourg is yet another small country, located between Belgium, Germany and France. Not visited by many, the country is a must see. Although not coastal it is perfect for a summer stroll and wander. With gorgeous scenery and views it is a really pretty, picture perfect country to visit. 

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11. Monaco 

Monaco is also a small country. Again this is a country which does not have an airport. Being on the edge of France and Italy the country is accessible by car or train. When we visited we travelled from Nice by train, this was not too far (around 30 minutes, if that) and really reasonably priced. Upon arrival from the train station you are welcome by the most amazing views out to sea. 

The country is small, brightly coloured and exciting! Known as million/billionnaires playground Monte Carlo is very impressive! But don't worry you don't need lots of money to visit, just lots of wanderlust. You will need to do a lot of walking to see all the amazing views, castles and casinos ... but don't worry it will all be worth it! 

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12. Poland

Poland is another country with a lot of colourful buildings (you can see what we look for when we travel). The capital Warsaw, where we visited, is home to lots of exciting attractions and sights to visit. Being a big city there is a lot to explore. Although we did visit in the winter, we would love to return in the summer, it is meant to be really hot! 

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13. Spain

Spain may be one of the most visited countries within Europe. After all it does have the mainland and then lots of islands. Although this is great for finding somewhere to visit this summer, it also hard to decide where. To help you make your decision easier we would definitely recommend visited mainland Barcelona. 

Barcelona in the summer is perfect, you will find lots to do, lots to eat and lots of places to relax! 

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14. Denmark

Denmark was our first  Scandinavian country that we visited and it has left us wanting to book more ... we have two new ones booked for this year! 

The country is filled with friendly locals, quirky places to visit and great food. The main canal area in Copenhagen is one of the prettiest we have visited. Although not the hottest of countries it is perfect to explore in a cooler heat during summer.

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15. Greece 

Greece is one of the most exciting countries within Europe. After all it has approximately 6,000 islands! This is probably the reason why Greece is a popular holiday destination. With clear waters, sandy beaches and perfect weather it is the perfect place to visit this summer. Even if you have been before, you will be sure to find somewhere new and exciting to explore. 

We visited Greece a few years ago, the island Corfu, which is on the west coast of the country. The trip was filled with beach days and days exploring the little Greek towns with amazing foods and locals. Being such an amazing trip, Greece has been on our must return list for some time. Upon our return we would like to explore a new island or even visit the mainland which is filled with lots of history. 

Where is your favourite place to visit in Europe? 

Do you have any country recommendations for us to visit? 

Love Chloe and Megan 


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