The Ultimate Guide to a Nevada Road Trip

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
When taking a trip to Las Vegas it can be hard to leave the city; not because you can't but because you don't want to with so much to see and do among the hustle and bustle. With Vegas being such a fun and exciting city it can be hard to pull yourself away. However if you do, you won't regret it . . .

Outside of Las Vegas city you will find lots of breath-taking scenery and places to visit.

From national parks to art exhibitions, the potential road trip opportunities outside of the city are endless. You are able to see and experience amazing memories, with not too far to travel. We found that although being in the city enabled us lots of fun; road tripping outside of the city gave us some of the most amazing experiences and memories to take away! America is a country which is full of lots of different landscapes and scenery; even Nevada itself has such a variety of views and sights to see.

Come and explore with us . . .
Hiring a car . . .

To start off your road trip you need to arrange a car. This could either be your own if you have taken a road trip to get to Las Vegas or a hire car if you are new to the state/country. Both are fine, all the need to make sure is that you know where you are going . . .

With Nevada being in the middle of the desert it can be easy to get lost. Unless you know what each area of desert looks like, you will have no idea where you are or if you have reached your destination. Each national park is spread out and signs can be rare and sparse. Therefore we would recommend having a sat nav or map to find your way around, this will make your road trip simpler, easier and more fun!

In Las Vegas you are able to hire a car from:

  • McCarran International Airport - you are able to hire a car from the rent-a-car centre, which is located 3 miles from the airport. From terminal 1 and 3 you are able to get a free shuttle bus to the centre. Here you will find 11 car rental companies which offer car hire, which could either be booked prior or booked upon arrival.

  • Hotel - the majority of the hotels in Las Vegas offer a car hire service. This service is offered by different car hire companies but is arranged through the hotel. This is convenient if you spontaneously decide that you would like a car to explore outside of the city. All information regarding car hire can be found out at your hotel information desk.
Where to go . . .

Once you have hired your car where do you head?

Although in the middle of nowhere Las Vegas is located among lots of great sights to see and experience. Whether you are heading out on a road trip to see what you come across or you have a plan of what you are heading to see, you will be sure to find something amazing.

While we had a hire car in Nevada we had a few sights in place that we wanted to see. A plan was essential as every destination was located in a different direction when leaving the city. Therefore to see everything we wanted to see we knew where we was heading and how long it was going to take. This is important as some national parks have closing times of sunset, which means if you are going in a cooler season you have even less time to see everything!

Places we would recommend road tripping to . . .

Top tips . . .

  • Always have a camera on you - driving around Nevada offers some of the most amazing views and photo opportunities. You will never know when you will need your camera. Whether you take a handheld camera or a go pro, anything that captures the sights is a must for your road trip.

  • Take your time - each of the national parks are so different and need time to be appreciated. Although their is a speed limit through the national parks, why not stop at the allocated places and have a walk around - you won't regret it!

  • Dress for the weather - although you may think it will be great to get summery photos at each destination, if it is winter season it may be cold. Being out in the desert is also colder than being in the city!

  • Take food and water with you - the desert is a big place and shops can be rare and sparse! Make sure you have lots of water on you and some food to keep you going.

  • Do your research - if a national park is shutting at sunset, what time is sunset when you are going? You also need to allow yourself time to actually see the park.

  • Fill up the tank - due to each road trip destination being far apart you will be using a bit of fuel. Although if you are from the UK you will be amazed at how cheap and far the fuel actually goes! The fuel stations can be far apart and you don't want to risk running out and getting stranded.

Have you ever been for a road trip in Nevada? Where would you recommend visiting?

Love Chloe and Megan 

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The Fjords guide | Norway

We recently spent a long weekend in Norway to visit the Fjords. A bucket list experience that we was to excited for. We chose to visit a smaller town to get a feel for the real Norway and with hopes that it wouldn't be too touristy. The town we stayed in was called Stavanger and it is lower down in Norway; below Bergen and across the other side of the country from Oslo. 

As well as wanting to visit the Fjords we also had a good time exploring Stavanger and it was really quite beautiful. It had a beautiful harbour which we enjoyed walking around. It was also surrounded by restaurants and some bars. 
When we're away we love to find some colourful buildings. Stavanger took that to a whole new level! Not only did we find a few buildings but they have a whole cobbled street lined with colourful bars, restaurants and shops. It has to be one of the most photogenic streets we have ever seen. 

We also visited at the end of summer so they still had some beautiful planters full of flowers.
I mean have you ever seen anything quite as colourful as this street! We could have spent the whole day here taking photos! We also noticed that as it got later in the day the atmosphere picked up and it started to get busy for the evening with people going out for dinner and to the bars. 
Around the harbour there are some beautiful buildings that all reflect on the water. If you're lucky you can also spot some quaint old boats. The harbour was nice and calm which made it a really relaxing place to explore. 
The main reason for our visit though was to see the Fjords. On our second day we hopped on our boat trip and out we headed. The boat ride wasn't too long as we picked up some speed. 
We was very lucky with the weather so we spent most of our time at the back of the boat where we had plenty of space to take photos and really appreciate the amazing views. 
This was the old town and it really was so quaint! Be prepared to do a lot of walking though as there are so many cobbled streets and the town is very hilly. 
The colours of the Norwegian Fjords summed up.
We are absolutely obsessed with these natural shades of green at the moment. Norway was so insanely beautiful and didn't disappoint with how much greenery it had to offer.  
Our Fjord cruise was about 3 hours long and it allowed us to not only see the Fjords but also we stopped off at a waterfall where we was able to taste the natural fresh water and we also went past Preikestolen better known as "Pulpit Rock". 
There is an option to stop off to hike to the top so thats something to defiantly consider when booking your trip.
We hope that this guide has been helpful for planning your visit to the Fjords. 

Love Chloe and Megan


The Blue Lagoon | Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Iceland is probably the most well known attraction in Iceland and we would be lying if we said we didn't visit mainly to visit it. The Blue Lagoon is located in southern Iceland is made from geothermal seawater. The Blue Lagoon is considered one of the wonders of the world and we can see why. It was like spending the day at a spa.

Before entering the Lagoon:
1. You get given a wrist band to get your own locker.
2. There is a machine where you can set your own locker and a couple of private changing rooms available for use. 
3. Once you are changed and ready you will need to shower before entering the lagoon. 
4. There are several private showers and products provided for your use. 
5. Now you're ready to get in the lagoon. 

Outside there is plenty of room to hang up your towel or robe and take off your flip flops ready to get in the blue lagoon. It may look busy be we were able to find a couple of spots to hang our towel and found that by hanging our flip flop on top of it we could easily find where we had left it.  

To avoid the cold whilst getting into the lagoon you can simply get in the water inside and walk down a slope and go through a door to get out. We chose to do this as we visited in winter and we couldn't bear the thought of going out in the freezing cold in our swimwear. 

Inside the Lagoon you can find a map of all the different areas. We couldn't believe how big it was! 

You can walk around outside if you wish to and see more of the lagoon on foot. You can also get in at different areas with various slopes and steps around. There are bridges which you can walk over or swim under. 

You can find useful facts around the lagoon like this one. 

The lagoon building is quite a contrast to its surroundings with its modern exterior and sleek metal and glass frame.
Inside it is actually quite bright and open with seats where you can sit and enjoy the view in the warm.

Honestly a once in a lifetime experience that you won't forget.

We definitely recommend you visiting if you find yourself in Iceland.
We hope you enjoy your visit as mush as we did.

Love Chloe and Megan

The Monaco City Guide


Monaco is the small country located in southern France upon the coast. Known for its grand prix, famous casino and expensive harbour full of luxurious boats the little country has lots to offer. Although the country is the second smallest in the world being only 2km square it is home to the most millionaires and billionaires within one country and with a population of over 36,000 it is also the most densely populated country within the world. The colourful buildings, bright blue sea and quant hilly streets however will have you falling in love with the country.

Being such a small country and a playground for millionaires and billionaires the country can however be rather expensive to spend the night in. Luckily we was able to visit the country for the day while visiting Nice, France. Being only 14 miles away you are able to drive or get the train from Nice to Monte Carlo in 30-45 minutes.
Getting to Monaco . . .

Flying: Monaco unfortunately does not have its own airport to fly into. This means you will have to fly into the closest airport to Monaco which is Nice. However only being 14 miles away this is not unlike flying to any country and making your way to your hotel. The only downside of flying into Nice to get to Monaco is if you plan on using public transport. Although the train is super easy to use there is not a station located at the airport so you will have to leave the airport and walk to the closest station - St Augustin, Nice. This is approximately half a mile and a 15 minute walk. Perfect if you need to stretch your legs after a long flight, however not so perfect if you just want to get to your hotel.

Driving: Monaco has multiple roads where you can enter the country. Whether you are traveling from Nice, in land France or even Italy. Driving into the country is simple as long as you know the way and don't mind driving up and down a few hills. However bare in mind that some roads require you to pay tolls.

Train: This may be one of the easiest ways to get into the country. You don't need to worry about finding your own way into the country, just make sure that you jump on the right train. With trains from Nice and Italy you are able to get a train from either side of the country effortlessly. We got a train from Nice to Monte Carlo which was super easy and cheap. With tickets from just 3.60 euros each way and an average journey time of 25 minutes. Along the way you are able to see the sea and the towering hills as you make your way into a new country.
Getting around in Monaco . . .

Although the country is only 2km square you still have a wide variety of options to get around the country to see everything. Known as the millionaires playground the country is home to breath-taking buildings; beautiful views and lots of fun things to see and do. With lots going on and lots to explore you need the best way for you to get around and see everything you want to see.

Tour buses: This is a great idea if you would like to see all of the sights using just the one type of transport. The bus enables you to see multiple sights and hop on and off as you wish during the route. With 12 stops you are able to see all the best sights that the country has to offer. This could be with a one day ticket or a two day ticket depending on how long you are visiting for. Being an open top bus you can also admire the views from up higher or inside on a colder day. The bus allows you to see everything you want to see without tiring your legs.

Walking: Of course this is probably the most tiring option to get around the country, however it may be the best option if you want to see the country. We find that when we explore somewhere on foot we are able to see more of the place and experience what it is like for the locals. Whether this means walking up a steep hill to visit the palace but being able to experience the breath-taking views on the way or walking the length of the harbour to see all the extraordinary boats. In Monaco walking to your destination can be hard work due to the hills and the heat if it is a nice day but the views and sights you are able to see on foot are definitely worth the walk.

Cycling: If you want to use your own type of transport and don't fancy walking then hiring a bike to explore the country can be perfect. Cycling enables you the freedom to explore where you wish at your own pace and see sights along the way. However being Monaco bare in mind that it is very hilly and can be harder work than you think.

Taxi: This can be a rather expensive option and will leave you sitting in traffic longer than you are moving. With the country not being too big public transport can work out much faster and cheaper than a private taxi.
What to see . . .

Although the country is only small there are lots of sights to see and places to visit. With the grand prix being a big attraction for the country even quiet streets are worth seeing. The colourful buildings and delicate winding streets overlooking the crystal blue sea and ginormous boats make the country very pretty.  

Grand Prix Monaco: The Grand Prix is a formula one motor race which takes place through the streets of Monaco. Due to the small winding streets the course is known as a narrow but glamorous and prestige course. Being home to the grand prix the country does also attract expensive and impressive cars all year round even when the grand prix isn't on.  

Prince's Palace of Monaco: The Palace of Monaco is located at the top of one of Monaco's many hills overlooking the harbour and out to sea. Home to Grimaldi family the palace is highly guarded and can only be entered with a tour ticket. The ticket allows you to enter certain rooms within the palace to admire the history and architecture. However if you do not have a ticket or do not wish to go inside the Palace is still worth the visit due to its pretty location and stunning buildings. This is a rather busy attraction which is popular to go and visit when in Monaco.

Monte Carlo Casino: Known as the millionaires playground Monaco is home to a few casinos, one of these being the Monte Carlo Casino. Located at casino square the casino is one of the prettiest buildings and must see sights when in the country. Open 2pm-4am the casino is only accessible with i.d and the correct attire.

Les Pavillons Monte Carlo: This is the white domed shopping walk photographed below. Home to some of the best designer shops you can find the shopping walk is for those who do not have a budget.
We was able to find some of the prettiest buildings upon the hill which is home to the palace.
Important information . . .

When visiting a new country it is always helpful to know a little bit about the place you are visiting. Even if you only find out the basic information you need to know you will be well on your way to having the best time in Monaco. Although Monaco is its own country there is not too much that you need to know when entering from France. These basic tips and information will help you get started:

  • Passport - Although Monaco is a different country you do not need a passport to get in. However it would be a great idea to take yours along with you for i.d to get into any casinos.

  • Accommodation - If you only plan on spending the one day in Monaco it would be cheaper to find accommodation in Nice which is only a half hour journey.

  • Language - Due to Monaco bordering France the majority of the Monaco population speak French alongside very good English.

  • Currency - The currency used within the country is euros, which is perfect if travelling in from France. However you will notice that items are more expensive due to Monaco being an expensive country.
We would love to know what you thought of Monaco? Do you have any recommendations?

Love Chloe and Megan

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