The Blue Lagoon | Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Iceland is probably the most well known attraction in Iceland and we would be lying if we said we didn't visit mainly to visit it. The Blue Lagoon is located in southern Iceland is made from geothermal seawater. The Blue Lagoon is considered one of the wonders of the world and we can see why. It was like spending the day at a spa.

Before entering the Lagoon:
1. You get given a wrist band to get your own locker.
2. There is a machine where you can set your own locker and a couple of private changing rooms available for use. 
3. Once you are changed and ready you will need to shower before entering the lagoon. 
4. There are several private showers and products provided for your use. 
5. Now you're ready to get in the lagoon. 

Outside there is plenty of room to hang up your towel or robe and take off your flip flops ready to get in the blue lagoon. It may look busy be we were able to find a couple of spots to hang our towel and found that by hanging our flip flop on top of it we could easily find where we had left it.  

To avoid the cold whilst getting into the lagoon you can simply get in the water inside and walk down a slope and go through a door to get out. We chose to do this as we visited in winter and we couldn't bear the thought of going out in the freezing cold in our swimwear. 

Inside the Lagoon you can find a map of all the different areas. We couldn't believe how big it was! 

You can walk around outside if you wish to and see more of the lagoon on foot. You can also get in at different areas with various slopes and steps around. There are bridges which you can walk over or swim under. 

You can find useful facts around the lagoon like this one. 

The lagoon building is quite a contrast to its surroundings with its modern exterior and sleek metal and glass frame.
Inside it is actually quite bright and open with seats where you can sit and enjoy the view in the warm.

Honestly a once in a lifetime experience that you won't forget.

We definitely recommend you visiting if you find yourself in Iceland.
We hope you enjoy your visit as mush as we did.

Love Chloe and Megan

The Ultimate Las Vegas Hotel Guide

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is known as being quite an over-the-top, extravagant and exciting city; everyone knows the city for gambling and partying. Especially with the Hangover film showing everyone what Vegas is all about. However what most people don't know (including us before we booked our Vegas trip) is that Vegas is full of astonishing hotels! 

Whatever the occasion for your visit, you will be sure to find a hotel to suit what you are looking for . . . Vegas has a hotel for everyone: whether you are on a party trip; a family holiday; a birthday trip or even a relaxing trip, there is a hotel for you. The main Vegas hotels are located on the main road - the strip - this means you can get a hotel as central or as far away as you wish. The strip has a lot going on and easy transport, so whether you are right in the middle of the strip or right at the end it doesn't matter, as long as you find a hotel you love. 

Come and find the perfect hotel for your Las Vegas trip . . . 

Circus Circus Hotel 

The Circus Circus hotel is as the name suggests a circus. If you are looking for a fun hotel with lots to do then this is the hotel for you. Think circus acts, amusement games and rollercoasters . . . 

Home to the 5-acre indoor adventuredome the Circus Circus hotel is perfect if you are travelling with children or even if you are just a big child yourself. Although Vegas is known for its gambling, if you are not very good (like us) then this is the perfect hotel to stay at and have lots more to do. Instead of losing all your money gambling you can always spend it on something fun like a rollercoaster or play crazy golf. The rides within the adventuredome are perfect for all ages, you will find smaller rides for young children, golf for the whole family and a twisting upside down rollercoaster for the thrill-seekers. 

Being indoors the adventuredome is great all year round. Although it is believed that being in the desert Las Vegas is always hot this is not true. During our trip it was definitely not summer weather, this made the Circus Circus hotel the perfect place to have fun when it got cooler. 

Visiting in the summer 
The Circus Circus hotel is also home to a water park! 

With slides for all ages and parking free of charge, the waterpark is the perfect place to head for some fun, relaxation and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the never sleeping city. 

Staying the night 
Although the hotel can appear a little more dated than other hotels in the city it is still a great hotel to book. From the front it looks like a circus tent with a couple of high rise buildings; however there are also smaller shaley style rooms with parking. These are great if you are not a lover of heights and don't want to have bright lights and lots going on outside your window. At the Circus Circus hotel you can be as much within the hustle and bustle as you wish to be! 

Luxor Hotel 

The Luxor hotel is of course another intriguing hotel to look at. With a 30-story pyramid the hotel is hard to miss. Inspired by Egypt, if you had not already guessed. Located at the end of the strip the hotel is definitely worth the walk to admire its size and beauty. 

Inside the hotel you will find: 

Titanic: The artifact exhibition 
This exhibit shows never-seen-before artefacts from the most famous ocean-liner. Open daily from 10am to 10pm you are able to visit at any time of day. Tickets can be brought online or at the attraction, however it can get booked up so book in advance if you can. 
PRICE: $24

Bodies . . . The exhibition 
This other exhibit inside the Luxor shows real human bodies which have been dissected and preserved. You will see 13 whole body specimens as well as more than 260 organs and partial body specimens. 
PRICE: $32 

You can get tickets to the 'Titanic' exhibition and 'Bodies' exhibition for $42 if brought at the box-office. 

Nurture spa 
If you are looking for somewhere to relax and pamper then why not head to the spa. You will find a wide variety of treatments from massages to facials to nails. 
PRICE: varies depending on treatment, from $20

Like most hotels within Vegas, the Luxor has a chapel where you can get married . . . 

During the summer months the Luxor has a pool that you can use and Cabanas that you can hire. 

Casino and Bars 
You will also find a casino and lots of bars to use both day and night!

Excalibur Hotel & Casino 

The Excalibur hotel is the hotel that looks like a princess castle. With rooms and suites available you can also stay in Vegas like a princess too. 

This hotel is great for families travelling with children and adults; whether you are looking to visit for the casinos; the nightlife or the family time Excalibur has it all . . . 

Fun Dungeon 
This is another great hotel if you are travelling to the city with children. The fun dungeon is the arcade located on the lower level of the hotel. Here you will find over 200 games, consisting of arcade games, air hockey and the worlds largest Pacman. While visiting the Fun Dungeon you can also grab a treat at the Dairy Queen & Orange Julius - from smoothies to sundaes. 

Ultimate 4D Experience 
Located within the Fun Dungeon you will also find the Ultimate 4D Experience which is their cinema-like experience which allows you to see some of your favourite films with 3D visuals and special effects. You are able to purchase tickets for the experience for either one viewing or multiple or even an all day pass and see as many as you wish. At any one time you will find multiple movies to choose from; these are updated to new choices frequently. 

Where to eat 
The Excalibur hotel and casino has multiple options for somewhere to eat, whether you are looking for an all-you-can-eat; steakhouse; Italian; fast food or a dessert-like snack you will find it all. The majority of the food places are open long hours or 24 hours; perfect if you need a midnight snack while playing in the casino. 

The Excalibur nightlife consists of sports bars; lobby bar and a couple of other bars, each open till the early hours or 24 hours. 

Spa and Fitness 
Looking to keep fit while away or relax, you can either head to the spa which offers a wide variety of treatments or to the gym to work off them extra pounds from all the delicious food consumed. 

New York, New York Hotel 

The New York, New York hotel must have been the hotel we were most excited to see when we got to Vegas. After visiting New York a couple of years ago we fell in love! Being one of the most exciting and visually pleasing hotels it catches your eye straightaway. 

Location wise the hotel is great if you want to see and do a lot. From inside the hotel you can get to Hershey's Chocolate World and access the walkway to get to Excalibur. 

Staying the night 
The hotel offers a wide variety of rooms depending on the number of people you are travelling with and the level of luxury you require. With quirky New York names you could stay in the park avenue king room or maybe a madison avenue king or feeling extravagant why not book the penthouse. 

The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade 
One of the things that catches your attention from outside the hotel is the rather large rollercoaster. This is the Big Apple Coaster; offering an adrenaline-racing experience with its 180 degree loop and twist. Feeing adventurous, you can now ride the coaster with a virtual reality mask as well!
Individual rides: $15

This may be one of the most exciting and hardest-to-choose hotels to eat at. America is known for it's amazing food and generous offerings; so of course the American city-inspired hotel is no different. You will be able to find: pizza, fries, burgers, milkshakes, breakfasts and many more. Of course this may be one of the unhealthier eating areas, but you are on holiday after all! 

Like New York, the hotel is also home to lots of bars including a chocolate bar! 

The hotel has a bar for whatever mood you are in, whether you want to witness the piano duelling show at Bar at Times Square, or learn how to line dance at Coyote Ugly. You will also find quieter, less extravagant bars, like the Big Chill which offers frozen cocktails. 

Paris Hotel

The Paris hotel is definitely one you cannot miss! 

Located along the centre of the strip, you will find it opposite the Bellagio and Caesars Palace. Of course with its ginormous Eiffel Tower out the front you will spot it straightaway. Like many of the hotels in Las Vegas the Paris hotel has a few of the well known attractions replicas. 

Fact: the Eiffel Tower replica is only half of the size of the one in Paris. 

Staying the night 
The hotel offers a variety of rooms and suites to choose from for your stay. The rooms are located within the Paris-inspired apartment buildings behind the Eiffel Tower. Perfect if you are looking for a great view and a central location on the strip. 

Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck 
If you are looking to see one of the best views in the city then you need to head up the Eiffel Tower. Like the tower in Paris the Las Vegas one also offers a viewing deck where you can experience amazing views. 46 stories above the strip you will be able to see all that Las Vegas has to offer, where to head next and what is past the hustle and bustle of the city. 
Daytime tickets: $16 
Nighttime tickets: $22

With various bars and a nightclub the Paris hotel may be the one for you if you are not in Vegas for a long time but a good time! The Chateau nightclub and rooftop gardens is located underneath the Eiffel Tower, offering a great experience overlooking the Bellagio fountains. 

If you are a lover of french food then this is the hotel to head to. Whether you are looking for a quick bite, a buffet, a casual dinner or something a little fancy . . . 

Feeling extravagant why not dine at the Eiffel Tower restaurant where a steak will cost you anything from $64 or visit the all-you-can-eat buffet for $22-$31 depending on the time of your visit. 

Flamingo Hotel 

The Flamingo hotel is a must visit in the city even if you are not staying over. The hotel may be one of out favourites due to the flock of flamingos that they have in their gardens.

Staying the night
If you are staying the night the Flamingo has a wide variety of rooms and suits to choose from; you can choose from different views either overlooking the strip or of the high roller wheel behind the hotel; you can choose to stay with pets or you could choose a room for more people. Of course prices vary drastically, however can start as low as $37 a night during quieter months such as January when the weather is a little cooler.

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat 
As mentioned above the hotel is also home to Flamingos which live in the gardens. Free to the public regardless of if you are staying at the hotel, the habitat is a must visit. It is a space of calm among all the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas city. The gardens are also home to other animals such as parrots, turtles and fish. With two feedings of the pelicans daily you can visit the 15-acres of gardens for a change of scenery and to see something new.

Inside the hotel you will find places to have a quick snack such as a pizzeria; a buffet which serves brunch daily and dinner friday and saturday; a steakhouse with steaks from $37 and more casual eateries such as margaritaville which is the rooftop bar/restaurant.

The Flamingo has a variety of bars to choose from at night. Why not head to the Bird Bar where every drink is named after a different bird and happy hour 5pm - 6pm serves 50 cent beers!

Venetian Hotel

The Venetian hotel; inspired by Venice and all things Italian. 

The hotel is amazing from the outside, you can cross the bridge over the water where you are able to get a gondola and feel like you are in Venice. Due to the size of the outside you can almost forget that you are in America and not Italy. 

Staying the night 
The rooms inside are just as amazing as the outside, whether you are looking for a room or a suit it is guaranteed to be luxurious! Prices can be a little more than some of the other hotels with starting prices from $143 per night; however rooms can be more extravagant as well. The location of the hotel additionally makes it worth the price, you will be staying within the centre of the strip within easy walking distance of everything. 

Gondola rides 
One of the main and popular attractions at the Venetian is the Gondola rides which are offered out the front of the hotel and inside the hotel. Open 10am till 11pm and 12am on a Friday and Saturday. Both inside and outside Gondolas are meant to be amazing, both equally romantic with unique views.
Price: $29 per person

Madame Tussauds 
Although you will find Madame Tussauds attractions all over the world, each have their own different wax works unique to that location. For instance at the Las Vegas one you will find wax works of Kardashians and even the Hangover cast from the Las Vegas film.
Tip: tickets at the Venetian box office are cheaper than the Madame Tussauds box office.
Price: $19-$30

Whatever you fancy is whatever you want when staying at the Venetian. What about . . . seafood, steak, American, Asian, French, Italian or Latin?

Within the hotel you will find various bars and lounges for all your drinking needs.

Bellagio Hotel 

The Bellagio hotel is one of the biggest hotels along the strip. Home to the ginormous fountains it is one of the most well-known hotels within the city. 

Staying the night 
If you are looking for a luxury experience while staying in Vegas then this may be the hotel for you. You can either stay in a room or a suit, with suits big enough for up to 6 people you can stay with people you're travelling with too. Such an extravagant hotel can also come with extravagant price tags, rooms can be a little more than other hotels, however the luxury, location and views can make it worth-while. 

The Fountains
Designed to mesmerise and romance your senses, the fountains deliver water, music and lights daily during their shows. Show times: 
Monday to Friday - every 30 minutes 3pm to 8pm, every 15 minutes 8pm to 12am
Saturdays - every 30 minutes 12pm to 8pm, every 15 minutes 8pm to 12am 
Sundays - every 30 minutes 11am to 7pm, every 15 minutes 7pm to 12am

Conservatory and Botanical Gardens 
This may be one of our favourite attractions within Vegas. The inside gardens are designed at different times of year to reflect the season or the holiday. During our visit it was Chinese New Year, this meant Chinese plants, Koi fish and Chinese buildings. You can check on the website what dates the gardens change and what season/holiday they are designed for. However bare-in-mind that the gardens have 'dark dates' where they are closed to be changed over. 

Due to its luxury, the Bellagio has various restaurants and eateries, however these can come with a larger price tag than other hotels. You will among the extravagant restaurants find the more affordable  and better for money buffet at $39 for dinner all-you-can-eat. 

Caesars Palace

Does Caesar live here? 

If you have seen the Hangover film then Caesars Palace went straight to the top of your list of where to stay in Las Vegas. 

Staying the night 
Being one of the most popular hotels to stay at in the city makes Caesars Palace more expensive and booked up faster. You can choose from either a room or a suit if you want a Hangover experience. 

Extravagant shopping may be one of the best things about Caesars. The Forum Shops is a must visit shopping experience, every designer shop you can imagine is here, along with a few favourites. Even if you are not looking to buy then you must visit for the Cheesecake Factory! 

Whatever you fancy, you will find! You can have a buffet, a quick bite, something casual or even something a bit more expensive. 

Have you ever been to Vegas? What hotel did you stay in? 

If you haven't been, what hotel are you liking the look of? 

Love Chloe and Megan


2019 Travel Bucket List

Although we have been to Prague before we had such good time that we decided to go again. We previously visited last January and we're going similar time this year but this time we are full prepared for how cold it's going to be.

Check out our previous posts

For so long now we've been wanting to visit Paris with it being one of the closest foreign cities to us. Finally we have booked to visit on our birthday and we're super excited about it. Our list of things to see and do is growing so long that we're going to struggle to fit everything in.
Top of our list is Eiffel Tower. But we also want to just explore the streets and find some cute cafes and do a little bit of birthday shopping.

Disneyland we have been to before but you can never be too old right?!  While we have the car as we're driving over we thought we could stay a couple of nights at disneyland to make the tip even better.

This is also on our birthday trip that we're driving over to. We've never been to Belgium so couldn't miss this opportunity to visit while we're away. We're spending a night in Brussels but also have a whole day to explore Bruges.
Bruges is only 72 miles from the Calais euro tunnel which is so handy, we can't believe we haven't ever visited before.
Do we even need a reason other then Belgium chocolate though?!

Hong Kong is somewhere is Asia that seems like it has it all! From the city skyscrapers to nature parks and hiking trails. Our Hong Kong bucket list gets bigger the more we research it.
We have booked to visit in the middle of the year and we've already been doing lots of research as we don't want to miss anything.
The Big Buddha  looks amazing. We will defiantly be visiting that as well as City parks and Beaches.
Nearly forgot to mention Disneyland Hong Kong. This will be our second one of the year and we're excited to see how different it is.

The capital of China and a place we dreamt we would never visit until we managed to book to visit this year! We are combining this with our Hong Kong trip.
Our visit will be short this time but it gives us enough time to visit The Great Wall Of China.
As well as the wall which we are so excited to see, we would also like to visit the Forbidden city which isn't too far from our hotel.
We don't want to plan too much as we just want to be able to explore the city and see what interesting sights and food we find.

We've heard that this is the Vegas of Asia! Only being a hour boat ride away from Hong Kong we are really hoping to be able to visit this country. We haven't done too much research into whats there yet but from a few photos we have seen it looks amazing so we really want to make it possible while we are already in Asia and so close to this country. 

Greece is always such a bucket list summer destination! Athens looks so amazing with the architecture and the fact that it also on the coast is a big plus. 
Keeping our fingers crossed to visit in the summer!

Wouldn't this be perfect at Christmas. A country in Europe that we're yet to visit but its high on our list! We envision visiting at Christmas to go to Christmas markets and see the city full of festivity. We have said Vienna although we aren't too fussy about where in Austria we visit as it all looks so beautiful we can hear the mountains calling our names. 

How have we not been here yet?! One of the main reasons Stockholm made it to our bucket list is the underground metro stations. The artwork at the metro stations looks amazing and unlike anything we have ever seen! We have currently been to three different countries in Scandinavia and can't wait to visit the last two. 
Let us know your recommendations for Sweden and Finland!

Isn't USA always on our list?! How can it not be though with so many amazing cities and states to visit. We've currently been to four different states and can't wait to return and tick off a few more. We would love to visit a beach city, such as LA or Miami.  
Hawaii is big on our list although we don't think it will happen this year we will for sure keep our fingers crossed.  
Let us know of any amazing places is America we simply must visit!

We want to know where you recommend! We could think of so many more places we would love to visit this year but didn't want to put you through such a long list. 
As well as all these amazing countries we also want to visit more of England and explore this beautiful country that we live in!

Love Chloe and Megan 
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