2019 Travel Bucket List

Although we have been to Prague before we had such good time that we decided to go again. We previously visited last January and we're going similar time this year but this time we are full prepared for how cold it's going to be.

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For so long now we've been wanting to visit Paris with it being one of the closest foreign cities to us. Finally we have booked to visit on our birthday and we're super excited about it. Our list of things to see and do is growing so long that we're going to struggle to fit everything in.
Top of our list is Eiffel Tower. But we also want to just explore the streets and find some cute cafes and do a little bit of birthday shopping.

Disneyland we have been to before but you can never be too old right?!  While we have the car as we're driving over we thought we could stay a couple of nights at disneyland to make the tip even better.

This is also on our birthday trip that we're driving over to. We've never been to Belgium so couldn't miss this opportunity to visit while we're away. We're spending a night in Brussels but also have a whole day to explore Bruges.
Bruges is only 72 miles from the Calais euro tunnel which is so handy, we can't believe we haven't ever visited before.
Do we even need a reason other then Belgium chocolate though?!

Hong Kong is somewhere is Asia that seems like it has it all! From the city skyscrapers to nature parks and hiking trails. Our Hong Kong bucket list gets bigger the more we research it.
We have booked to visit in the middle of the year and we've already been doing lots of research as we don't want to miss anything.
The Big Buddha  looks amazing. We will defiantly be visiting that as well as City parks and Beaches.
Nearly forgot to mention Disneyland Hong Kong. This will be our second one of the year and we're excited to see how different it is.

The capital of China and a place we dreamt we would never visit until we managed to book to visit this year! We are combining this with our Hong Kong trip.
Our visit will be short this time but it gives us enough time to visit The Great Wall Of China.
As well as the wall which we are so excited to see, we would also like to visit the Forbidden city which isn't too far from our hotel.
We don't want to plan too much as we just want to be able to explore the city and see what interesting sights and food we find.

We've heard that this is the Vegas of Asia! Only being a hour boat ride away from Hong Kong we are really hoping to be able to visit this country. We haven't done too much research into whats there yet but from a few photos we have seen it looks amazing so we really want to make it possible while we are already in Asia and so close to this country. 

Greece is always such a bucket list summer destination! Athens looks so amazing with the architecture and the fact that it also on the coast is a big plus. 
Keeping our fingers crossed to visit in the summer!

Wouldn't this be perfect at Christmas. A country in Europe that we're yet to visit but its high on our list! We envision visiting at Christmas to go to Christmas markets and see the city full of festivity. We have said Vienna although we aren't too fussy about where in Austria we visit as it all looks so beautiful we can hear the mountains calling our names. 

How have we not been here yet?! One of the main reasons Stockholm made it to our bucket list is the underground metro stations. The artwork at the metro stations looks amazing and unlike anything we have ever seen! We have currently been to three different countries in Scandinavia and can't wait to visit the last two. 
Let us know your recommendations for Sweden and Finland!

Isn't USA always on our list?! How can it not be though with so many amazing cities and states to visit. We've currently been to four different states and can't wait to return and tick off a few more. We would love to visit a beach city, such as LA or Miami.  
Hawaii is big on our list although we don't think it will happen this year we will for sure keep our fingers crossed.  
Let us know of any amazing places is America we simply must visit!

We want to know where you recommend! We could think of so many more places we would love to visit this year but didn't want to put you through such a long list. 
As well as all these amazing countries we also want to visit more of England and explore this beautiful country that we live in!

Love Chloe and Megan 

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