The Reykjavik City Guide

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
We're so excited to share our Reykjavik City guide with you which we will try to include every bit of information you will need before your visit to Iceland.

For this trip we really wanted to have a hire car to make it easier to get around and be able to explore as much as we wanted. We found a hire car at a good price and one which we were able to get for under 25 drivers. 
If you are under 25 you are still able to get a car but will have to pay a small extra fee. 
There are lots of other things to think about when hiring a car in any country. For more details about fuel, parking and all the other bits have a read of our Iceland Road trip post. 

Planning a Road trip, have a read of our Iceland Road trip post.

If you are not getting a hire car there are several other options for getting from the airport to your hotel. The main airport that you will probably fly into in Iceland is the Keflavik airport which is 32 miles from Reykjavik/ 45-60 minute journey. 
You can book your transfer online from several different sites like this one. You can also book/ purchase tickets when you arrive.

We're sure on your trip to Iceland your'e going to want to see and do everything this unique country has to offer. If you don't have a car theres no need to worry with so many great excursions; day trips; night trips and so much more. To find these you simply have to have a look online and chose the one you want.

If you have looked at hotels in Iceland you will have noticed that it is quite an expensive city to stay in but if you're lucky you may be able to get a good deal. To get a better priced hotel we would suggest a few things: Book your hotel during a sale like boxing day or black Friday; stay just outside of the centre (You would ideally need a hire car for this).

The Blue Lagoon Hotel is an option for your trip. It is a luxury spa retreat hotel and perfect for a relaxing trip to Iceland. If you choose to stay here on your visit just be aware that it is quite a way from Reykjavik so you will need a car or you'll have to get taxis. 

As for shopping when visiting Iceland we hope it's not the main attraction that you would be visiting for. There really aren't too many shops to go on a shopping spree. There are several souvenir shops so don't worry about not being able to get yourself a little piece of Iceland to remember your trip. 
On our visit we payed a visit to Ikea because why not?! Theres one just outside the centre and very easy to get to if you have a hire car.

There are plenty of food places all around the centre so you won't struggle to find anything to eat. Whilst we were visiting we enjoyed a lovely meal of fish and chips in a local fish restaurant. It cost us around £30 for 2 meals and 2 drinks. There are plenty around to try and we would definitely recommend a fish and chips meal while you are there as it was the freshest fish we have ever eaten. 

This could be called the main attraction of Reykjavik and can be seen all across the city as the tallest building in Iceland. The church is free to enter and have a look inside where if your'e lucky you will catch the organist playing. The view from the top has a small fee of 1000 ISK/ just over £6.
We definitely recommend going up to the top! The view is amazing but it is very cold, so wrap up warm.

If you're planning on visiting Iceland you probably already know about the Blue Lagoon. After our visit we would definitely say this is an attraction that you can't miss. We have wrote a whole post just about our visit which if worth the read before you visit.

  • If you're visiting in winter wrap up warm because it gets very cold! Also its good to be prepared for snow.
  • Hire car is by far the best way to get around.
  • Try to book a hotel with parking as it can become quite costly to park all day in the centre. 

We hope this guide was helpful and you have an amazing trip to Iceland and love it as much as we did!

Love Chloe and Megan


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