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With an upcoming trip to New York we have made a list of our 15 top places on our New York bucket list. The city is full of so many sights and amazing things to do. By having a bucket list we know exactly where we want to go and what we want to see!

Whilst we've been planning our trip to New York we've been looking everywhere for a bucket list or a round up of places we must see and things we must do. We really couldn't find anything like that anywhere, therefore we have decided to make our own to share with you. 

1.Statue Of Liberty

To reach the top of the crown you have to climb up 354 steps inside where you will reach a small room filled with 25 windows.

Your ticket also includes a visit to Ellis Island which was the gateway for over 12 million New York immigrants for over 60 years. Now on the Island you can visit the museum and learn about its history.

The top attraction on our bucket list. How could you go to New York and not visit the statue of liberty? A Gift from France in 1886, the statue is the perfect place to see across the water for amazing views of lower Manhattan.

You can purchase tickets before your trip: here.

Your statue of liberty ticket also includes your boat crossing from either New York (Battery Park) or Jersey (Liberty state park).
2.Central Park

We never truly knew how big central park was until we really started researching what we wanted to do on our trip. (Hopefully the weathers good enough to enjoy it all!)

Central park was opened in November 1858.
The park now holds 36 bridges and arches. There are also so many different things to see and do inside the park such as the Alice in wonderland statue; Bethesda Fountain and many more.

Central park zoo is a great place to visit for all the family with many different animals and a 4D cinema.

3.Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge must be one of the prettiest bridges ever and we're supper excited to walk across it. What we're most excited for is being able to capture some beautiful picture of it, especially at sunset. 

4.Empire State Building

What can we really say about this beautiful building that you don't already know other then how excited we are to visit it. Its such a famous building we can't wait to see how tall in really is.


This is the view we are waiting for! We can only hope for amazing weather to truly be able to appreciate the view. 

The other direction you are able to see the Empire state building. 

6.Times Square

Although we think everyone automatically visits Times Square when their in new York how could we make a bucket list and not include it. There so much to see and do we can't wait to visit and join the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in the world!

7.Friends Building 

This may only be a small part of our trip but how could we go all the way to New York and not visit the 'Friends' building. We've watched the whole series so many times we just have to visit the iconic building which started our love of this beautiful city. 

At the bottom of this building is a tiny restaurant called 'The little owl'. It looks so quaint but we've read you have to make a booking to ensure you don't turn up only to be disappointed and turned away. 

8.Columbus Circle

Columbus circle is a large traffic circle where you can stand and admire the surrounding architecture. The circle holds the statue of Christopher Columbus which it is dedicated to.

We're staying right near columbus circle and it looks so pretty. 
There are many different things to do around Columbus circle which include a shopping centre, Trump towers and Museum of modern art and design. 

We're going to admit we can't wait to get inside the shopping centre where SEPHORA is calling our names. Be warned you might be seeing some very exciting reviews after our trip. 

9.Macys and Bloomingdales

How could we go to New York and not go to macy's and Bloomingdales! Of course shopping will probably be quit a big part of our trip and Im expecting our time in these two places to be very long. 

10.Roosevelt Island Tram

This made it to our list as it looks like such an amazing way to see the city. The tram is located just up the road from Bloomingdales which makes it much easier to locate.

One of the great things that I have read is that you can use your metro card making it super easy to ride. The tram is also a very reasonably priced. 

11.Staten Island Ferry

This is so exciting to be able to go over to staten island on the ferry for free. Why would you not do this when visiting New York?

There is so much to do on Staten island that we never even knew about. They have a Zoo; September 11 Memorial and so much more.

12.9/11 Memorial 

Where a big part of this city was lost we would like to visit the memorial of the 9/11 to remember and show our respect for the day that will never be forgotten. 

13.Wall Street Bull

Another part of the city which we don't want to miss out on is the charging bull of wall street. We will admit that we mostly know about this because of the film 'Wolf of wall street' but thats just even more reason to visit it. 


The high line looks like such a relaxing place to visit, in the busyness and urban jungle its nice to know we can escape and take a walk along this manmade yet natural wonder. 

When reading about this we couldn't find too many photos which makes it even more exciting to get there and see what its like for ourselves. 

15.Grand Central Station

We all know it from various films, its grand central station which had to be on our list of top 15. We are planning to visit this purely as tourists we admit but it just looks so beautiful, possibly one of the most beautiful stations there ever was. 

Love Chloe and Megan 

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Biking Through Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for its pretty canals and bicycles. Cycling is the fastest way to get around the city and the best way to see all the pretty sites. 

There is a wide selection of hire shops which you can hire a bicycle for however long you wish and cycle around the city. The longer you hire your bicycle for the cheaper it will work out. 

Tips for hiring a bicycle:: 

- Having a credit card is the easiest way to hire the bicycles. You will either be asked to leave a piece of id and $100 or you can let them scan your credit card and you don't have to leave anything at the shop. This is great if you are cycling far and don't want to return your bike to the same shop (most hire shops are chains and you can return your bikes to whichever shop you are near). 

- Take a photo of the map where the hire shops are located or ask for a map, it will be much easier when you need to return your bike. 

- Don't hire a bike in the centre unless you are a confident rider. The bike roads are very busy with bicycles and motorcycles. 

- Insurance is not optional when hiring a bike from most shops.

The park has lots of little cafes next to the water...

The park has a selection of ponds, lakes, statues, bars/restaurants and a rose garden. 120 acres big the park is the biggest in Amsterdam. The park also has an open air theatre which shows performances between June and August of: classical music, pop music, world music, dance, musical theatre and cabaret.
The park is perfect to cycle through with lots of wide paths for walking and cycling without the hustle and bustle of the city.

Iamsterdam letters... 
The Iamsterdam letters are located outside of vondelpark... a short cycle away on the museumplein where the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum are located.

We hired our bikes from Black Bikes who were extremely helpful. When hiring the bikes you are able to choose how long you would like them for and which kind of bike you would like. You will also need to decide the level of insurance you would like.

The bikes come with a lockable back wheel which you will have a key for and a separate lock so you can lock the bike to whatever you are near. And a little bell...

The man in the shop was very helpful showing us how to use the locks and gave us a complimentary map to find our way around and to know where all of the hire shops are to return our bikes.

Happy cycling! 

Chloe and Megan

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Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Floating Flower Market & Canal Cruise

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for tulips and windmills. And Amsterdam is famous for having the only floating flower market.

If you are visiting the country and it is the wrong time of year to go to visit the tulip fields or you don't have long in the city then the floating flower market is a must see! The market is open all year round with a large selection of tulip bulbs (perfect if you want to grow your own at home) and other amazing flowers including Christmas trees in December.

The market is located in the centre of the city on the way to the Rijksmuseum on the Singel canal.

You will be able to smell the fresh flowers from the market before you see them.

You are able to enter each of the market stalls from the pavement which is also lined with a wide variety of cheese shops.

All of the stalls are floating on the water.

Each of the stalls has something different and unique to offer- from a wide range of tulip bulbs in every colour possible and hand painted wooden tulips to any kind of fresh flower you may desire. Whatever you are looking for from the market you will be sure to find!

The fresh flowers in the market vary depending on the time of year. With the weather in Amsterdam still being warm in September you are still able to purchase summer flowers such as sunflowers. Whereas in the spring (March, April) you would be able to purchase tulips and in the winter (November, December) you are able to purchase Christmas trees.

All of the flowers can be brought in bunches or you can select individual flowers and have your own bouquet made up there for you. 

If like us you have not gone the right time of year to purchase fresh tulips or in fact see the tulip fields then you can purchase hand painted wooden tulips.

When purchasing your own tulips you can also choose which colours you would like...

This is perfect if you like certain colour tulips!

The tulip bulbs come in a large variety of colours to choose from- colours that you may have ever imagined as a tulip.

You are able to select all of your own bulbs from the stall.

The stalls are filled with hanging flowers from the roof which fill the air with a dreamy scent!

With Amsterdam having nearly as many canals as Venice a canal cruise is the best way to see everything! The city is made up of 165 canals which are all different in their own way. You're sure to find something amazing on every canal.

The city has a large variety of canal cruises you can go on. Whether you would like to go on a canal cruise to get around the city or to sight see at night or during the day your sure to find what you want.

The canal cruise that we went on was a non-stop daytime cruise. The cruise lasted 75 minutes. Just enough time to see all the sights of the city. It was a cruise which was directed by the captain and not a set of headphones.

You will be able to see pretty houseboats on your cruise- filled with all kinds of flowers and plants- that you may not be able to see walking.

You can also get a pedalo to sightsee around the city. This is perfect if you want to make your own way around the city and explore where you want. It is also great fun trying to stear your own pedalo.

However you will have to be careful with all the other boats that are on the canal- chances are you will be the smallest.

At the end of your canal cruise you may also be able to see the bicycle multi-storey which is above the water.

We hope you have an amazing time visiting the Bloemenmarkt floating flower market and seeing the city on your canal cruise.

You can read about How to spend 3 days in Amsterdam {here.}

Chloe and Megan

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