Chelsea Flower Show

Location: Chelsea, London
This was our first time at Chelsea flower show and we couldn't wait to share it with you! We booked it weeks ago and couldn't believe how quick it came around. We chose to visit on the last day which was a Saturday which meant we got some sneaky previews throughout the week on Instagram and on the TV. Although we thought this would ruin our experience it just made us even more excited to visit and we already knew a few different areas and flower arrangements that we didn't want to miss!

> This one is serious summer house goals! And so pretty for
so much greenery.
< This photo was the first one we took and we love all of
 the shades of purple! We would never think to use only
 one colour flowers but it looks amazing and we felt
 inspired straight away!
< Here we are next to one of our favourite bits of the show,
 we love roses and they all smelt amazing!

Outfit link at the bottom. 

We can honestly say we have never seen so many amazing flower displays anywhere. At the Chelsea flower show you will be wowed by the displays brought to you from all across the country. One of the most interesting parts was seeing all the varieties of flowers and not realising how many unique and different types there truly are!

How beautiful is this display! We love a country garden vibe and this is totally it. Although this is definitely what we love the most and steer towards when looking at others gardens and designing our own we also enjoyed the amazing variety of displays on offer. You could find inspiration for any theme and there was something for everyone! Even if you have a small balcony garden you could purchase pots and furniture or if you have a larger space you could purchase a greenhouse!

How amazing are these pink pineapple!

There was a lot of different food options to choose from that catered for all different dietary requirements. We chose to eat at the Healthy vegetarian food kiosk and our food was so good! We both chose the veggie burger and it filled us up for the whole day! The only issue was the limited seating which meant we had to stand up and eat our lunch.
You can also book a restaurant online before your visit or when you purchase your ticket if you would prefer a sit down meal. 

We hope that you found this helpful and interesting! We can't wait till next year and really hope you consider visiting this amazing show!
Please feel free to ask us anything that we may have forgotten to cover in this post. 

Love Megan

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