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Thinking of visiting Brussels? You need to read this post for all the information on getting there; the different foods you have to try and attractions that you simply must see. 
Brussels is the capital of Belgium and a beautiful architectural city full of history and lots and lots of chocolate and waffle shops! If we haven't convinced you already then keep reading and you'll soon be packing your bags and grabbing the next flight. 

We feel like we can openly admit that one of the main reasons that we chose to visit Belgium was for the food! Before our visit we would say that we're not the biggest of chocolate eaters and can go days and weeks without a fix. The couple of days that we were in Belgium though we definitely indulged!

As well as the waffle shops we also had a walk round quite a few
chocolate shops too, but why not when theres amazing Belgium
chocolate everywhere! In all of the chocolate shops there is a huge
variety of every type of chocolate you can think of ... as well as some
delicious tasters. 

Our waffles were amazing! Although there was so many different 
ones to choose from we all went for the same classic of Belgium 
chocolate with strawberries on top. 
Keep scrolling to see all of the different options we had to choose from!
Just writing this now and looking back through all of the photos is making us hungry! We don't have a particular place that we would recommend as there are so many great places to choose from but maybe in the future we will have to drive back over and try them all to give recommendations. 
Belgium may be one of the easiest countries to access from England. You can get here several different ways such as plane, train, boat and car.

Plane- Getting a flight to Belgium is very easy from one of the London airports or another in the country. The cost of the flight can often be quite pricey though but not to worry as there are a few other options to choose from. 

Train- You can get the train to Brussels from London and it takes less then 2 hours! Getting to Brussels could not be easier and this makes it perfect from a quick trip to get chocolate. 
There is also the Euro tunnel which takes you to France and you can drive into Belgium. 

Boat- You have a few options here. You can get the ferry from Dover to Calais where you can take your car on board and drive to your destination. The other option is to book a Belgium cruise. A Belgium cruise is normal 3-4 days long over a weekend and it also allows you to see other areas as well as Brussels. 

Car- You can easily hire a car or drive your own over. We found lots of street parking at a reasonable price and the city wasn't too busy to drive around. We also drove through Belgium from Brussels to Bruges and it was a pleasant drive with pretty scenery. 

Grand Palace- The top attraction of Brussels and one that you won't be able to miss! The Grand Palace is the most popular tourist destination in Belgium and located in the market square known to be one of the prettiest in Europe. Also near the palace you can find a great waffle shop so you can eat while admiring the beautiful architecture.

Saint-Michel cathedral- A truly beautiful cathedral in the centre of Brussels. There is also a small park next to it which is great to sit and admire the view!

Belgium royal museum of fine arts- One of the largest and best art galleries in the world. We definitely feel like we're going to have to return to visit here.

Atomium- Atomium is a 102 metre high steel structure which represents a molecule of iron magnified 165 million times. You can also enter and watch a show about human life.

There are a lot of different attractions not only in Brussels but the whole of the country! These are just a few that we though we would mention.

We hope that you found this guide helpful and have the most amazing trip to Brussels!

Love Megan


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