Three Easiest Houseplants To Keep Alive

This is for everyone who really struggles to keep a plant alive and all of you who want a super easy plant that will look good and requires next to no care! Over the years we have owned a variety of houseplants and feel like we've definitely learnt which ones to invest in and the ones that require too much care and attention. 

1. Spider Plant
The first plant we want to share with you is one of our faves. The spider plant is probably the easiest houseplant you will ever find! This plant grows so quick and requires next to no care. 
☼ The best part about this plant is that it can adapt to various lighting conditions; meaning you can place it in a fighter area or a room which is a little darker. The lighting that it will not tolerate is full direct sun as this will burn stand the leaves will fade and turn yellow. Also we haven't tried this but can imagine that a room with no light is not going to help this plant thrive!
In the summer we tend to give ours a good water once a week and sometimes every 2 weeks and then in the winter it will probably be every 2+ weeks.
 The room temperature can vary and this plant doesn't mind being placed in a steamy bathroom. If anything we have found ours to really like it.
2. Cactus
This plant you would have probably guessed although in the past we have had some bad luck with them too! 
☼ All you have to remember is that they like plenty of light and heat but they can also be a little bit delicate so be aware of how much sun they are receiving and watch to see of they are getting burnt or starting to shrivel. If this is the case simply take them out of the full sun and give them a good water to see if they improve. 
☂ With watering we tend to water ours once a week and by this we give them a little spray; normally on the actual cactus as it will soak in the water it needs. Never sit them in water!
This plants do love hot weather as they can be found in the dessert but they can also live in cooler environments in England. If placed in a conservatory or bathroom they will be the happiest!
3. String of hearts 
Last but not least is one of our absolute favourites! This one for us is quite new to our collection and one that we had wanted for a while as it just so different and special. 
Temperature doesn't seem to be an issue for these guys as far as we've seen. We will probably keep them away from anywhere too hot such as the conservatory though and as for placing in the bathroom our was fine but as long as it isn't constant heat and steam.
In the summer we water ours once a week and then during the winter normally try to keep it the same but we may cut spread it out a little bit more as it isn't growing season. 
Never place this guy in direct sun but they will do well in lots of indirect light. We also found they don't mind a bright bathroom as they didn't get as much direct sun through the tempered glass. 
We hope you found this helpful with your future houseplants! 
Love Megan

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