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Luxembourg is the small country located between France, Germany and Belgium. The small country has a population of less than a million and only the one airport to fly in and out of. However although the country is small it has a lot to offer within its capital Luxembourg City. From cobbled streets to pretty rivers with breath-taking bridges to cross. We found the city full of pretty sights and landscapes, with every street being prettier than the last and due to the hills the city has the most stunning views.

Luxembourg is already extremely pretty with its light pastel coloured buildings and stunning views. Add the autumn season to this and you have one of the prettiest cities in autumn!

Come and explore with us . . .
How to get to the city . . .

Due to the city being small there are only a couple of ways to get into the city from the airport. However it is still simple and easy to get from the airport to the city. As long as you know where you are heading you will be able to get into the city quick and easy.

Taxi: As soon as you walk out of the airport you will be welcomed by a line of waiting taxi's. A taxi into the city is simple and easy, in around 20 minutes you will be in the city and ready to explore. Although quick and easy, the only let down is that it is a more expensive option than using public transport. This will cost approximately 20-25 euros.

Bus: The bus is also conveniently located just outside of the airport. The number 16 bus comes along every 30 minutes which will take you directly into the city. The 25 minute journey will cost you only 4 euros for a day ticket. Your ticket can be brought from the machine at the bus stop, unless it is a sunday which means the bus is free as some shops and attractions are closed. The bus photo above is what you need to look out for.
Getting around the city . . .

This is simple to figure out, if you want to explore the city and see what it has to offer then the best way to get around the city is to walk. You will see more of the city and get to where you want to be much faster. Although the city is full of lots of hills and steps walking is still the easiest and best way to get around.

If you however are not in the city to explore or you only want to get from one place to another then you can always get a taxi. There is also a little road train which you can use to see the city without walking everywhere. You would have to check where the train goes when you get on as it can only use the main roads in the city.
What to see and do . . .

Although Luxembourg city is small you will still find lots to see and do. If you are also walking to each sight (which we would highly recommend) then you will also be able to see lots of amazing views and landscapes from the hills. You will find that the majority of the sights are spread out which makes exploring more fun.

Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg: This is the pretty brick building pictured a couple above, which is made up of lots of pretty turrets. This is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and where he performs the majority of his duties.  The palace is located within the centre of the city, which is easy accessible by foot and by car if you can find somewhere to park. You are able to go for guided tours of the palace, however these only take place between mid July and August. As we had gone at a time which was not available for guided tours we could not go inside. The palace is however stunning from the outside and a must see if you are in the city. 

Luxembourg City Museum: This is the national museum for Luxembourg. Filled with ever changing exhibitions, the museum is always exciting and different. They do however always have the Luxembourg story exhibition which tells the story of Luxembourg and its history. Therefore you are able to learn about Luxembourg and see another exciting exhibition at the same time. The museum is open to the public Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. There is also an additional opening of 6pm-8pm on a Thursday where you can enter free of charge. At other times it is 5 euros to enter with the exception if you are under 26 and a student or over 60 years old. 
The city also has lots more attractions and sights to see which we was not able to explore. If you however would like to see the views and landscapes of the city then walking and exploring is the best thing. We was able to walk down lots of quant little roads; experience the prettiest views and get a feel for the real Luxembourg. 
We found Autumn the prettiest season to visit Luxembourg! 
If Autumn is your favourite season then this is the country you need to visit! 
Have you ever been to Luxembourg? We would love to know any recommendations?

Love Chloe and Megan

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