Iceland Roadtrip | The Guide

Location: Iceland

Iceland is a country which is on a lot of travel-enthusiasts and adventure-seekers bucket lists. Home to some of the most spectacular scenery within the world and landscapes like no other it is a country which is mesmerising to anyone who visits. With the capital city being the main attraction and visited location within the country, lots of tourists and visitors like to get out of the city. Reykjavik is home to lots of hotels, sights to see and food to eat. It is also one of the closest places to Keflavik international airport; this is the only international airport in the country and the only one you will be able to fly in to. 

Having booked our hotel within the city centre we didn't plan to adventure too far outside of the city. The airport is however 32 miles from the centre, therefore getting car hire is a great idea just to get to Reykjavik and sights outside the city like the blue lagoon. 

Read on to find out where you should explore outside the city on a time limit . . . 

Car rentals 

From Keflavik international airport you are able to rent a car from four different companies: Avis, Europcar, Budget and Hertz. 

You are able to book car rental in advance from each company HERE

Or you can book a car when you arrive at the airport, however there could be limited availability and if you are a young driver like us then you are only able to drive certain car types, which could have sold out. Like all companies you are able to choose a car size to suite your liking, this can vary depending on your age and driving experience. 

Getting to the car rental desks . . . the offices for the car rentals are not located within the airport, however they are only a short bus trip away across the car park. When you walk out of the airport front door you will see signs to direct you to the bus. It is a short 100 metre walk down a covered path to the bus, you then get off at the stop where your rental company is. 

If you have pre-booked then picking the car up is quick and easy! 

Driving to the city 

Now the fun part, driving to the city . . . 

Driving in a new place, in a different car, on the other side of the road and sitting on the other side of the car can be daunting but also exciting! 

32 miles from the airport to the city centre can seem like a lot but it is nothing when you start driving. The majority of the journey is on one straight road with two lanes. The right lane is the normal lane and the left lane the overtaking. The speed limits are clearly signed and the roads are well cleared of ice and snow. 

Where to explore 

If you are only in the city for a few days or your main purpose of the trip is to see Reykjavik then you may not want to or can't explore too far outside of the city. But don't worry you will still be able to see the nature of Iceland. As soon as you leave the city you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery and landscape. When people say that Iceland is like to other place then are not wrong. The country has not too many trees and can appear to have its own climate. During our visit everywhere was covered in snow. This made it appear like a scene from frozen and completely magical. 

Visiting during the winter can however have its pros and cons, although it can be stunning, driving in dark, snowy conditions can be challenging. Bare this in mind if you plan on driving far. 

Pingvellir National Park 

Not too far from the city is Pingvellir National Park. Approximately 34 miles and an hour to get to, it is perfect to see the true Iceland on a time limit. The national park is home to lots of walking trails, waterfalls and beautiful scenery. Due to its beauty it is still a popular destination even when covered in snow and freezing cold. 

The cute little church below is located at the national park, only a short walk from the car park. 

Tip: Wrap up warm, Iceland is so pretty, you don't want to miss seeing it because you're cold. 

Important: You are only allowed to drive 4x4 cars on F roads, these are highland roads located in land.

Having a car in Reykjavik 

Staying in the city centre with a car is not a problem. Although most hotels do not have parking, you are able to park on the street. Every road has parking bays which are payable at the parking machines. You can pay for as long as you need and from 6pm - 9am parking is free. However bare-in-mind that it can get quite busy with people parking and you may have to park a little away from your hotel to get a space. 

We hope you have as much fun exploring Iceland as we did.

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Love Chloe and Megan


Bruges | Mini City Guide


This is the central point of Bruges and by far our favourite part! All of the buildings were so beautiful and they looked even better with the sun shining on them. In the square you will find lots of bars and restaurants where people were eating outside and having a good time. 
All around the outskirts of Bruges you will find canals with bridges everywhere to cross them. If you want to see Bruges from a different way you can even go on a boat ride. We definitely want to do this next time!
There are lots of cute side streets to explore and we found some of the nicest gift shops and lot and lots of chocolate shops. It is definitely worth exploring to find some of these really special shops.
We found one of the most peaceful parks ever and we wouldn't believe that we came from the business of the market square to suddenly feeling like we were in the middle of nowhere! We had a lovely sit down and soaked in some of the beautiful spring weather while people watching. 
The market square must have been our favourite part as it was just so pretty! This was definitely the busiest part and it was such a lovely atmosphere filled with bars and restaurants. 
We really hope that you enjoyed this post and enjoy Bruges even more!

Love Megan


Disneyland Paris

Location: Disneyland Paris, France
Disneyland Paris has to be one of the most magical places on earth where everyone can feel like a child again! If you didn't know, Disneyland Paris is located just outside of Paris City centre in France and is the only Disneyland in Europe. 

There are two different parks available to visit which are the Disneyland park and the Walt Disney studios park. 
Walt Disney Studios Park
The Walt Disney studios park takes you behind the scenes of the films that we know and love on our screens. From the picture below you might be thinking it looks a lot like America with the palm trees and beautiful weather but we were just extremely lucky when we visited. 

Toy Story Land has to be the best part and by far our favourite of the whole park. It really feels like you're one of the toys with the giant statues and other Toy Story decor everywhere. There is also a good selection of Toy Story rides to go on such as the toy soldiers and slinky dog. 
How amazing are these lights! As you walk around they cross over all the paths above you!

Monsters Inc is also one of the best parts at Disneyland, mainly because it was such a childhood favourite of ours. You can even pose in front of the door to have your photo taken. 

Disneyland Park
The disneyland park is much bigger and contains so different areas and different rides. 
Alice in Wonderland is located in the main park and there is a really fun maze suitable for everyone to explore. We were lucky with the weather being so good that we had a nice stroll around it looking for our way out. Inside the maze there are some photo opportunities so be sure to have your camera ready.

Getting there
If you are driving yourself you can easily find directions by using a satnav and there are also signs as you get closer or if you are getting the coach all you have to do is sit back and relax and you'll soon be there.
Parking: The parking cost per car is 30 Euro. 
You won't be short of food choice while visiting the park. You ca also bring your own with you if you don't want to worry about finding something to eat or are visiting on more of a budget because it isn't the cheapest to eat in the restaurants here. We had a few sweet treats while we were visiting and the weather was even warm enough for us to get an ice cream with a Disney wafer. 

You can book your tickets before you go to be prepared HERE!
We hope that this was helpful for planning your visit and that you have the most magical experience!

Love Chloe and Megan


The Eiffel Tower

Location: Paris, France

If you are visiting Paris then a trip up the Eiffel Tower is definitely a must! The Eiffel Tower stands in Paris city centre at over 300 metres high and offers amazing views over the whole city. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most if not the most iconic landmark and most visited attraction within Paris. Being so tall it is viewable for miles across the city and likewise you can see for miles when up at the top.

During our short time in Paris our must see was the Eiffel Tower. Having seen so many amazing photos of the tower and from the top of the tower we was more than excited to see it for ourselves. Having previously seen the Eiffel Tower replica in Las Vegas we was expecting the Paris one to be ginormous, however it was much bigger than we could of even imagined!  

I mean just look how amazing it is! It is actually so insane how tall it is!

Getting to the top 

Tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower can either be purchased online in advance or on the day from the ticket office. Both options are equally as good, however pre-purchasing tickets can mean a shorter wait time to get to the top. During our visit we brought tickets on the day as we was unsure of our visit time, this meant queuing for 2 hours. 

Tickets can be pre-booked: here

Tip:: visit the tower before you turn 25, the youth tickets are half the price of an adult ticket

This must be one of the most popular views from the top of the Arch De Triumph. Having walked to the Eiffel Tower from here, we can confirm that the Arch De Triumph is massive as well. If you have not already realised this shows exactly how high up you are when in the Eiffel Tower. From both viewing levels you are able to see 360 degrees across the city. 

This photo is right at the very top, where the views are out of this world! On the top level you are surrounded by a metal fence, as you are extremely high up. Also bare-in-mind that the area is not the biggest and you have to keep in mind that a lot of people visit every single day so you may have to be patient if you want your photo taken. 
You can actually drive under the Eiffel tower. This time we didn't unfortunately as we had parked at a car park just outside of the city but next time we visit (fingers crossed) we would love to experience that.

You can also actually see the Eiffel tower from all different areas around Paris as it so tall. We had so much fun spotting it about the buildings and getting too many photos of it. We were a little bit obsessed. 

We hope you get the chance to visit the Eiffel Tower and love it as much as we did and have the most amazing experience!

Love Chloe and Megan


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