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Our first time in a helicopter . . . why not go in one with no doors?

Las Vegas is full of a lot of crazy, exciting and adrenaline fuelled experiences. However if you are looking for that experience which will take your breath away; give you all the adventure vibes and leave you with the most amazing memories . . . then you need to book your open door helicopter now!

Flynyon offer a helicopter experience like no other. Flying over the Las Vegas strip allows you the most amazing views of all the sights and hotels. Whether you are taking a flight during the day to experience the magnitude of Vegas; at sunset to experience golden hour in Vegas or at night to see the city lit up.   
Before the flight . . .

The thought of going up in a helicopter with no doors can be a little daunting!

Don't worry though, by the time you are up in the air you will be all prepared and excited to get some amazing photos.

But what happens before? Let us tell you . . .

  • Meeting your pilot - before your flight you will meet your pilot and the rest of the passengers on your flight. This enables you to ask any questions you may have before going up.

  • Safety briefing - this is where you learn what to do and what to expect if an emergency did happen. By watching a short video you will be prepared for any emergency and understand what to do.

  • Harnessing - of course with the helicopter having no doors you will need to be secure. This involves you being harnessed into your seat. Your pilot and other staff at Flynyon will assist you putting your harness on and making sure it is tight and secure. You will also be offered an additional jacket if you don't have much on and it is a cold time of year.

  • Camera equipment - for your helicopter experience you are able to take your choice of camera and a phone with you. If you are taking a go-pro then you can either take your own holder or have it attached to your harness with a Flynyon accessory; a handheld camera can be attached to your harness by a cord and your phone additionally by a cord. Therefore you can freely take your photos without the worry of dropping anything.

  • Safety checks - this is probably a given, but your shoes need to be tight and secure. If you are dangling your feet out of a helicopter then you really don't want to lose them.
In the helicopter . . .

When getting in the helicopter you will be instructed where to sit and helped into your seat. The pilot and staff will harness you in and show you where your seatbelt is. You will also be given your headset for the flight.

In the helicopter there is one passenger seat in the front next to the pilot and four in the back on the bench seat. Now you're thinking how does everyone get their feet shots . . .

The two passengers sat in the middle at the back take their feet photos while sitting on the floor of the helicopter. At take off they will be seated on the bench with a seatbelt; when instructed by the pilot you will take off your seatbelt (you are harnessed in still) and climb down onto the floor to sit and take your photos. Once instructed again you will climb back into your seat and put your seatbelt back on to fly back.

This may seem a little scary ... but talking from experience; as we were both sat in the middle seats at the back; this is one of the best experiences you could imagine.
Up in the air . . .

Once in the air it is only a short flight to get above the strip. You will have a headset on for the duration of the flight, which allows you to hear everything the pilot is saying. When not talking the pilot also plays some music through the headset. This is perfect if you are a little nervous and don't want to hear the sound of the helicopter.

Those who are on the back seat in the middle will get to sit on the floor to dangle their feet and get their photos.

This will be one of the quickest 20 minutes you have ever had, after all time flies when you are having fun!
Top tips . . .

  • There is no such thing as too many photos - even if you think you have got a really good photo, just keep taking more. By the time you get down you may notice that quite a lot of your photos are blurry. Take as many photos as you can to make sure you get a good one!

  • Keep the top half of your body in the helicopter - when you're up in the air dangling your feet out, try to keep the rest of your body in the helicopter. This will keep your photos less blurry and stop you blowing your head off.

  • Wrap up warm - even if the weather is nice, in a helicopter with no doors it can be VERY windy.

  • Put your hair in a bun - if your hair is long enough for a bun, then definitely put it in one! Don't think a pony tail will be ok, because as soon as you're up in the air you will regret it. The wind will blow your hair everywhere and the last thing you want to be doing is sorting out your hair and missing the view.

  • Know your camera settings - with so much going on before the flight the last thing you want to be doing is sorting out your photo settings. Making sure you have the right settings is essential if you want the best photos, especially if you are doing a night flight.

  • Don't use a flash - if you are taking foot photos then using a flash could make your photo only pick up your feet and not the view.
Have you ever considered an open door helicopter?

Love Chloe and Megan

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