Red Rock Canyon Vs Valley Of Fire

Your only in Vegas for a small period of time and want to know which national park you should visit. We'll here is everything you need to know about both so you can make the decision which is best for you.

We where able to make a full day of it and visit both within the same day. Purely for the reason that we wanted to see both but didn't have the time to have our hire car for any longer. It wasn't a problem though as they are both easy to get to and the drive didn't feel too long as we had amazing scenery to keep up entertained. 
Red rock canyon
Red rock canyon is a national park just outside of Las Vegas and it is well worth the visit. To take in the views at this national park you can drive along a one way 13 mile scenic drive which has several different parking areas to get out and join some beautiful hiking trails.

There is a fee to enter the national park and drive the scenic drive. If you have a car full the price works out very reasonable and once you enter you can stay all day long.
check out Red rocks canyon fee page for all the prices for your visit.

There is a campsite if you wish to stay and appreciate the views for even longer; giving you the time to explore different trails and make a holiday of it. All the information about the campsite can be found on their website. (Give it a look before your visit)

Don't worry if you're not up for hiking you can get amazing views just from your car. There are also benches around so you can get out and have a sit down. The bench above looks like it is just facing the rock surface but if you look carefully you can see someone rock climbing which could be interesting to watch. 

If you're visiting at a meal time you will need to bring food with you as there is no where to purchase anything. Remember to bring plenty of water if you are visiting when its very hot and especially if you are following a hiking trail. 
Valley of fire
Valley of fire is another national park just outside of Las Vegas. This national park is a little bit of a further drive and is on the edge of Utah.
Just like Red rock canyon there is an entrance fee to pay to enter the park but it is charged per vehicle so isn't too bad and totally worth it for the amazing views. Once you have paid your entry fee you are free to explore and take a drive around. There is a visitors centre if you wish to buy any souvenirs or find out more information about the park from the helpful staff.
If you wish to camp at Valley of fire they have a fully set up campsite with all the facilities for a small price per night. This way you can explore all this national park has to offer in your own time. 

There are several different points of interest to see while visiting. We didn't have a particular place in mind we wanted to see so we just had a drove around and stopped at a couple of different parking areas to get out and explore. 
We would defffinatly recommend checking our their website to make sure you don't miss anything though. 
If you have the time or you'r going to see what else is in Nevada other then Las Vegas you can find some great hotels near the nation parks. Here are a few that we recommend.

Recommended hotels
Red rock canyon

Valley of fire

We hope that which ever national park you choose (or if you visit both) you love them as much as we do and have the best time exploring and seeing the amazing scenery that Nevada has to offer.

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Love Chloe and Megan 

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