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Vatican City is the small country located within Rome. Being only 0.44 kilometres squared the country is the smallest in the world. Being so small the country does not have its own airport meaning you will have to travel into the country from Rome. Although small once you are in the country you will not find it small with all the breath-taking buildings and sights to see.

The little country within Rome is known for its many religious sights and home to the Pope! 
(If you are not a religious person do not worry you will be sure to love seeing the sights anyway)
Sights to see . . . 

Everywhere you look within Vatican City there is a new and more amazing building or monument. Although all of the sights are different and unique it can get quite confusing working out which building is which. This is due to the similar colour of the buildings due to the building materials used. If you are like us and seem to get confused about which building is which due to the magnitude of buildings within the city, here is a guide to help you: 

Vatican Museum - The vatican museum is full of the prettiest art paintings and historical ceramic statues and vases. This is the museum which you should visit if you would like to learn more about Vatican City and its history. Through the art work pieces you will be able to learn about important periods of history and the emotions behind the work.

The museum is open to everyone with a valid ticket. These can be purchased online or on the day in the museum. However bare-in-mind that the museum does get very busy and can take a while to enter if you need to que for a ticket. Make sure you also check the website before visiting as opening days and times can change and certain days (the last Sunday of the month) are free entry for everyone. 

Sistine Chapel - This little chapel is one of the most well known and well visited within the world. Constructed in 1483 the historic chapel is painted beautifully by Michelangelo. The chapel is located within the Apostolic Palace which is the official home of the Pope. This is accessible through the Vatican Museum and St Peter's Basilica. If you are entering through the museum you will however have to pay to enter the museum first. It is free to enter St Peter's Basilica and then go inside Sistine Chapel. 

St Peter's Basilica - This is the spectacular domed building located in St Peter's Square. This is an Italian church which is situated within the middle of Vatican City. With free entry the church is a very popular attraction. You are able to go inside the church and then inside Sistine chapel. However due to the church being free to enter it can be busy. During our visit the que was approximately 3 hours long - therefore we did not have the time to go inside, so make sure you get there early. 

Piazza San Pietro (St Peter's Square) - This is the large square outside of St Peter's Basilica. The square is large to hold lots of people when the pope has an appearance and large to offer amazing views of the Basilica - Perfect if you want a breath-taking photo. 
Tip: This stunning staircase can be photographed inside the Vatican Museum. 
Important information . . . 

  • Clothing - due to the country being religious you cannot enter certain buildings with your shoulders/chest and legs/knees out. Make sure you wear suitable clothing which comes below the knees and covers your shoulders/chest. Alternately you can wear a pashmina/scarf across your shoulders/chest when inside. 

  • Pre-booking - if there are certain buildings which you would like to go inside in Vatican City then it would be advised to pre-book. The buildings are very popular and can take quite a while to get into if you need to buy a ticket on the day. Pre-booking will save time and money. 

We would love to know what you thought of Vatican City? Have you visited? 

Love Chloe and Megan 


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