My 2020 Reading List

Since the start of last year I have tried to make more of an effort to read the books that I continue to buy but always seem to end piled up unread on my bookshelf. Ive read quite a few good books last year (Let me know if you want me to recommend any!) but this year Im really going to get to work on reading the ones on my shelf before filling my amazon basket again!

Ive linked all the books I'm talking about if you want to read along with me!
I have started the year with Me before you which I actually have read before but I love this book so much that I couldn't resist reading it again! Also my reason behind this is because I have never read the sequels. So I want to start the year by reading these three! Ive been very curious to how the story will follow on in After you and Still me!
As it's already the end of the month I am pleased to say that I have already finished the first two!
I can not believe Ive had these on my shelf and neglected to read them! I will admit that a book being made into a film is a huge motivator for me. I love the fact that you can read the book and picture it so well and then be able to watch the whole thing after and feel truly like you understand and know the whole story. The perks of being a wallflower is on my list and my bookshelf mainly because I've heard so many people talk about how they've read it and I can't miss out! 
Little women is a classic that I've wanted to read and being made into a film last year has suddenly pushed it to the top of my pile!

Other books on my 2020 reading list include Eleaner Oliphant is completely fine which appears to be a very popular book so I'm very excited to give this a read as well as Nine perfect strangers. Ive also got in my small pile for the start of the year Still Friends, I read a Friends book last year and loved learning about one of my favourite tv shows so when I saw this recently I couldn't resist! As well as fiction though I am very interested in books that will further my knowledge and this is where No. More. Plastic. comes in. Lastly a book thats been on the bookshelf for a while is Kim Kardashian.
These are the books that I plan to start by reading this year as well as others that I will be reading from my bookshelf before I start purchasing all the books in my amazon basket!

I would just like to note that I try to do my part for the environment and when I can I purchase my books second hand (This is more difficult with new releases, so I do make an exception here) and once Ive read and no longer want them I hand them to friends and family or place them in a book bank.

I would love to hear your recommendations! You can also send them to me on Instagram or Twitter at ATicketAroundTheWorld.

Love Megan x

Tips For Winter Trips

Recently we arrived home from a city break to Prague. Having visited last year I knew it was going to be cold, however this year seemed to be colder! I'm talking -5 degrees! This got me thinking about how we have managed to visit various destinations during their winter seasons. How we managed to stay warm, explore the location and have an amazing time despite the freezing temperatures! 

Some of the places we have visited during the winter have been some of my favourite trips! From Prague to Warsaw to Eindhoven, each city has been cold, but fun and exciting! 

Of course to ensure the best time away during the winter we have some tips which we follow. These ensure that we stay warm, make the most out of the trip and have the best possible time . . . read our tips . . . 

1. Wrap up warm
Although this may seem like the easiest and most simple tip to follow, it can also be the tip which you forget. It can be easy to get carried away packing outfits that are going to look great for that certain location without thinking how cold it could be. Scrolling through pinterest can make you lust for amazing outfits in instagramable locations, however this may not be great for the time of year. Of course you still want to look good, maybe just add on a hat and scarf. 

2. Check the weather forecast
Checking the weather is a great idea if you are travelling somewhere which can snow. For instance if you are travelling to New York you need to know what the weather is doing. The city can snow in the winter and be boiling hot in the summer. Such variety of temperatures and weather conditions can mean you may need a variety of clothes and accessories.

3. Do your research
Being spontaneous and going with the flow is fun, however if you are visiting somewhere cold and possibly snowy you don't want to be hanging around outside, searching for somewhere to eat or something to do. Researching your destination can give you a heads up on where to eat, what fun things there are to do and where are the best spots for instagram, views and culture. Returning from a trip and finding out you missed something amazing can be one of the worst things!

4. Book a central hotel
Travelling into the town/city can be ten times more effort/tiring when you are freezing cold and the weather is wintery, rainy, snowy and miserable. Having a hotel near everything you need makes it easier to go out and see everything you want to see and do, with minimal time outside travelling. Visiting a destination during the winter also means that it can get dark pretty early, having a central hotel can be great for getting back for the night. 

5. Have a map
If you can figure your way around you can avoid the cold and avoid delaying getting to where you want to be. Have a map to speed up your adventure! 

6. Pack walking shoes
Obviously walking shoes are required for all trips to explore; however in colder destinations shoes that are comfortable are even more important. Your feed are going to be cold and walking will make you ache a lot faster, great shoes can make this a lot easier. Boots and trainers are our go to's for winter trips! 

7. Create a Pinterest board
One of our favourite things to do when we have an upcoming trip is to head to pinterest. You will find food you want to eat, sights you want to see and instagram hotspots you must visit. Here you can create a mood board draft of what you would like your trip to look like. 

8. Have a good handbag
By this I don't mean a designer bag, I mean a bag which is not too big, not too small, not too heavy and won't get ruined in bad weather. That may sound like a lot to consider but it really isn't. We tend to consider what we would need for a specific trip before we go. For instance, we would need a bigger bag for a hot trip where we need a drink at all times; a smaller bag if we are visiting somewhere like Disneyland where we will be taking it on rides and a rucksack like bag if we are hiking somewhere. 

9. Warmth can sometimes win over style
Looking good is great but after you're freezing it may not be the best idea. Try and choose outfits, shoes and coats which look good but are super warm. After all most the time you will only see your trousers and coat in your photos.

10. Plan adventures & activities
Plan what you want to do to stay warm during the trip; find sights to see where you can stay out of the cold. Or even know how to get to the destination, how much it will cost and wrap up warm in anticipation. 

11. Take gloves
If you want all the wanderlust, instagramable photos during your trip then you will need to take gloves to stop your hands freezing taking them. Shaking, cold hands don't take the best photos . . .

12. Pack good hair products
Cold weather means warm hats, however warm hats mean messy, dirty hair. By dirty we mean hair that has been warm and covered all day that it could do with a freshening up. Make sure you pack good shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh, clean and looking great! 

13. Skincare is essential
Most people think that the warm weather is bad for your skin, although this is true the cold weather can be just as bad! The cold can make your skin dry and sensitive. Make sure you pack a cleanser and a good moisturiser. 

14. Eat properly
Travelling and visiting new destinations can make it easy to indulge. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, eat that delicious cake and have that extra drink. But also try to balance your food, eat fruit and vegetables and foods which are going to give you energy. Try to eat nutritious meals and eat the cultural cuisine. 

15. Pre-plan transport
If you can hire a car during your trip it will be great, this makes it easy to get where you want to go and stay warm during the journey. Some transports in various destinations can take time to get to and make involve waiting in the cold. If you want to speed up the process, know what you need to do, where you need to go and how much it is going to cost before you arrive. 

Some of our favourite trips have been taken during the winter to cold destinations, don't be put off by the cold. Lots of city's are prettier in the winter!

Where have you loved visiting during the winter?

Love Chloe and Megan


20 Places You Should Travel to in 2020

One of the quickest destinations to fly to from England and great to visit any time of the year. Spring is the most popular season to visit as the city is filled with tulips and daffodils. This can also make it the priciest time to visit though. Well known for its beautiful architecture and being able to cycle around the city. Some popular sights include: Anne Frank House; Van Gogh Museum; Rijksmuseum and many many more! 
Beijing is a city filled with culture and cuisine. Spring is a great time to visit as the weather is beginning to warm up and the city isn't its busiest. The most popular sights include: Forbidden City in the centre of Beijing and The Great Wall of China (one of the wonders of the world). 
Due to needing a visa, Beijing is a great place to stop over on your way to another destination. 
Just south of London, Brighton is easily accessible by train and perfect for a trip to the seaside. Brighton is not short of things to do and has some great food places. The beach is also a great place to spend the day with a picnic and if you're lucky enough the weather will be so good you'll think you're in another country!
If you don't want to fly, Brugge is a great destination to visit by euro tunnel only being 70 miles from Calais. The cobbled streets are filled with hidden gems and of course Belgium chocolate is a main attraction everywhere!
Well known for the Budapest baths this is a perfect relaxing city break. If you want to enjoy some exploring on your visit the City is also filled with culture and some beautiful architecture. 
Devon is a beautiful seaside town. Located on the South coast with some beautiful scenery. If you're lucky with the weather this is the perfect weekend break to relax and enjoy all England has to offer. 
Dubai is known as one of the richest places to visit and it feels very ahead of its time. Only a 7 hour flight from London and attracts people of all ages. Home to the tallest building in the world and some of the biggest malls, aquariums and luxury hotels. 
A small country but it makes up for that with its range of attractions including Hong Kong Disneyland and amazing views from the peak and big buddha. A great city filled with culture. 
Vegas is always a good idea! The strip is always so alive with people and music. One of the best parts of Vegas is all of the different hotels. They're great to explore and they all have a variety of attractions. If you are looking form somewhere a bit calmer you could hire a car and drive into the Nevada dessert so one of the national parks or seven magic mountains. 
Known for it shopping, you are not short of designer shops and some beautiful architecture to accompany them. Cant forget the amazing Italian food of course!
One of the smallest countries in the world and home to some amazing sports cars! Monaco is only a short train ride from Nice and a beautiful country to explore and sightsee. 
We don't think that we need to sell New York to anyone! A 7 hour flight some London and you're in one of the best Cities in the world. A great place to visit anytime of the year filled with attractions for everyone whether it be the statue of liberty, friends building or central park.
The perfect place for a quick flight for some sun. Nice is a great destination with great french food, cute shops and you also have the beach to relax and read a book. 
What an easy place to visit! You can hop on the Eurostar and be in Paris in a few hours. The main attraction is definitely the Eiffel tower and worth going to Paris for! This is a great city break for everyone. 
The UK is not short of great places to visit and the Peak District is up there with some of the best. Filled with lots of beautiful towns and villages to explore; pubs to have some pub grub and some of the best hikes and views in the country. Also only a short drive from Manchester. 
Such a unique city where all the buildings have beautiful orange roofs. Prague is great in all weathers, even winter! There is a great homemade gingerbread shop with the mosts amazing gingerbread men. 
The most northern city in Europe and a destination like no other. The City is great to explore and you can get a car and head out to see the surrounding scenery which is out of this world!
Another Italy destination but needs spot of the list. Rome is filled with history and some truly beautiful architecture. The Colosseum and Trevi fountain are must visits and be sure to indulge in some great Italian food. 
A smaller City/ town which is great for visiting the Fjords. Stavanger is a cute little town with restaurants and shops to explore and you can also take a day trip to visit the Fjords which have some of the most amazing scenery ever!
Warsaw as you can see below is such a pretty city filled with colourful buildings and lots of culture. A perfect winter trip to visit some christmas markets.

We hope this was helpful for finding where you want to travel to this year!
Love Megan


Free Attractions you Must Visit in Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas is full of some of the most crazy and exciting attractions and things to do. Although lots of paid attractions can seem appealing, the free attractions in Las Vegas are something that you can not miss! They may even be something you don't miss if you lose all your money gambling . . .

From astonishing experiences to 'pinch me' moments, you will be left with the most amazing memories from something that was completely free.

After all if you want more money to gamble, you need to save money on the attractions!

All of the free attractions we recommend to visit are in no particular order, each loving different attractions more than others, it is something of a personal preference  depending on what you are interested in . . .

1. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

This is an attraction that a lot of people love to see! The sign is the famous entrance to the city, seen on most films and at the top of most peoples Las Vegas bucket lists. Although it is just a welcome sign it is the most iconic Las Vegas photo you can get. The best time to get your photos is early in the morning, any time before 8am, as you will have the sign to yourself. However it is also meant to be amazing at night if you want to queue to get your photos.

2. Flamingo hotel, Flamingo gardens

The flamingo gardens are located of course inside the Flamingo hotel. Inside the hotel you are able to access the gardens off the casino area, where you will find walk ways, bridges and the famous flamingos. You can access the gardens for free, even if you are not staying at the hotel, and then can stay as long as you want to get the perfect flamingo shot.

3. Bellagio fountains

The Bellagio fountains may be one of the biggest free attractions in Las Vegas. Stretching the width of the front of the hotel, the fountains can be seen from a far. At night the fountains put on a show to different music, where the fountains will be in time to the song.

4. Bellagio conservatory

The Bellagio conservatory is a themed garden inside the Bellagio. The garden changes theme every season, with new plants, ponds with fish and building structures. While we was visiting the gardens were designed for Chinese new year, the year of the dog. This meant lots of Chinese inspired buildings; lanterns hanging from the ceiling and carp fish filling the ponds. The gardens are open 24 hours a day, except for the week it is shut for designing the new season garden.

5. Hershey's world

If you are a lover of chocolate then this is the shop for you. It has every flavour Hershey's chocolate; cakes, brownies and all Hershey's merchandise you could wish for. Although of course the merchandise and food inside is not free, you may get a free taster and the shop itself is pretty amazing - with its giant chocolate Statue of Liberty.

6. Seven Magic Mountains

The Seven Magic Mountains are not in the city centre of Las Vegas. However they are only a short half hour car drive down the road. For attractions outside of the city, this is not far at all. The mountains are a must see sight due to their astonishing size and how they stand out in a dessert full of sand. This is the perfect place to adventure outside of the city to see the real Nevada.

Read our Seven Magic Mountains post: here

7. Mirage volcano

The Mirage Volcano is the attraction located outside of the Mirage hotel. With daily shows, the volcano offers an exciting and breath-taking performance. Whist you can see the volcano exploding, with fireballs you are able to listen to the music which was specially selected. Due to the three daily shows being at night, the shows are even more impressive and a must see!

8. Luxor sky beam

The Luxor hotel is the Egyptian inspired hotel, which looks like a pyramid and has Egyptian cat architecture. During the day the hotel is spectacular and unlike anything you have ever seen; at night the hotel is amazing. With a sky beam out the top of the pyramid which can be seen from miles. If you are heading to the strip at night this is how you know where you are heading to!

9. Venetian gondolas

Although the Venetian gondolas are not technically free, visiting them for some peace and quiet is. The Italian inspired hotel has one of the prettiest exteriors with its pretty white buildings, bridge and gondolas floating on the water. Even if you are not a 'relax on a boat' kind of person, I'm sure you will find the gondolas relaxing and perfect to get away from the typical Las Vegas hustle and bustle. This is also a perfect instagram spot! 

10. Coca Cola world 

Like Hershey's world this is the perfect place for Coca Cola lovers! Filled with every piece of Coca Cola merchandise you could imagine; the shop is unlike anything you have seen. Although of course it will cost you if you want to buy, eat or drink anything; the shop is still a must see. If you visit then you have to try their Coca Cola's from different countries, available to buy in the cafe area. 

11. M&M world

Another chocolate heaven! Think every colour M&M and every flavour you could wish for! When America do candy they do it well. I would suggest the peanut butter M&M's! 

12. Circus at Circus Circus hotel

Located at the end of the strip, the Circus Circus hotel is not often visited by everyone who goes to Vegas. However being one of the oldest hotels on the strip it is definitely worth the visit. Although it is not as modern and extravagent as some of the hotels, it does have a real sense of the original Vegas and some pretty cool attractions - a CIRCUS and an inside AMUSEMENT PARK! If you are looking for fun this is the hotel to head to. The circus is free to watch and the rides and crazy golf are lots of fun! 

13. Paris hotel 

The Paris hotel is one of the big main hotels on the centre of the strip. It is also rather hard to miss with its huge Eiffel tower replica; Arc de Triumph and Paris hot air balloon. Although the Eiffel tower is not free, the hotel is free to visit and take photos. Inside the hotel you will find pretty Paris like streets to stroll around. 

14. Atlantic fountain show, Caesars Palace 

The Atlantic fountain show is located within the shopping centre within Caesars Palace, opposite the cheesecake factory. This is a perfect attraction to stop and take a break whilst you are shopping or window shopping among some of the best and most expensive shops on the strip. 

15. New York, New York Brooklyn Bridge 

Although nothing can compare to the real Brooklyn bridge, the Brooklyn bridge replica at the New York, New York hotel is a pretty good photo opportunity. In the sunshine the bridge is fun to walk across and impressive to visit. If you have been to New York it will make you want to return and if you have never been before then it will make you want to go! 

16. Miracle Mile

The miracle mile shopping centre is a mile long if you walk the whole length, thats a mile's worth of shops! With over 170 shops and restaurants, what more could you want? The shopping centre is perfect for a wander if you are not looking for anything in particular; or if you have something in mind that you want. 

17. The Forum shops, Caesars Palace 

Although this is yes another shopping centre, it is on another level to the miracle mile. With shops with far larger price tags and items that are on many wish lists! Even if they are not the kind of shops that you usually shop at, the shopping centre is pretty impressive and a must see. Plus at the end of the shops you will find the cheesecake factory, now that is shop you must go in! You haven't eaten cheesecake until you have eaten it at the cheesecake factory. 

18. Fremont street 

Downtown, this is the well known street that everyone visits! With shops, bars and restaurants, the street is a taste of the old and original Las Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas is older than the strip with all the fancy and famous hotels! If you want to see the real Las Vegas, past the commercial tourist areas then you need to get an uber Downtown! 

19. Largest golden nugget, Golden Nugget Hotel 

Whilst you are Downtown visiting Fremont street you also need to visit the Golden Nugget Hotel. Inside you will find the largest golden nugget in the world! 
20. Gold and silver pawn star shop 

The gold and silver pawn star shop is another attraction Downtown. The shop is famous for having its own tv show! The little shop is filled with expensive pawn items for sale and quirky souvenirs. If you have seen the tv show before you may even be lucky enough to see someone famous! 

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? What would you recommend seeing? 

Love Chloe and Megan 

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